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So about animals…

Is anyone else bothered by the wolves in this game? They treat them like monsters. They spent all this time about horse behavior, and making a natural world, yet they approached wolves like they came from some cheap nature horror movie. Wolves do not behave like that.


Yes, animal behavior is pretty simplified in this game. If you encounter a wolf, panther of grizzly, they’re going to attack. It’s just a given. Back when I saw that there was going to be an achievement for observing wildlife in the game I got a little excited thinking there would be behavior to observe. And there is, to an extent. If you hang out by a body of water you may see an eagle swoop out of the sky, catch a fish and fly away. But the behavior of big predators really isn’t much better than it was in the first game.


I’ve actually viewed a grizzly bear wading in the water fishing. I wasn’t very close but certainly close enough. Cougar are also pretty aggressive but not likely to attack a large animal like a man on a horse. Black bears are a lot less aggressive than a grizzly too.The wolves though, this pack attack scenario, tearing man and horse apart it’s basically born of a Hollywood fantasy. It’s not a real thing at all.


Yeah, I’ve definitely seen bears that threaten but then back off if left alone, but I didn’t stop to figure out if they were grizzlies or black bears.


The legendary Grizzly chased me some distance and into some sort of outlaw camp, I think, where I watch them get slaughtered with binoculars from a safe distance. The other Grizzlies I’ve seen around the water, and if I get close they’ll chase but I did sort of enjoy just watching them hang out. I’ve never seen a wolf do anything but chase something down and try and kill it, often that’s me, and I am not close.when they decide to do it either.


It took a while for the game to get it’s claws into me. I liked RDR1 but for the first little bit I was unsure about RDR2. I’m now into Chapter 6 and I dread finishing the game; I love this world.

If you don’t enjoy exploring and a bit slower pace (I jumped into Far Cry 5.5 to play some co-op with my brother and I had a bit of game-shock suddenly being back in a game world where people were attacking me every 10 steps and there was a lot of non stop action) you probably won’t love it. But be aware, there is a LOT to discover. A lot. There are side story lines that won’t pop up in the list of things to do in the map, the only way you find them is to be observant and see something and investigate it. Some of it is pretty wild too. The further you get into the game and the more you explore, the more interesting the world will get. There are a LOT of details and care they’ve put into this game. For example, eventually you’ll get into a large city, and there’s a vaudeville act in that town. Sounds like what you’d expect in most games, right, a cheesy little show they thrown in. But it’s much more:


I was never able to find the first rifle that I lost on that bear hunting trip. So I went and bought another one. Quite a bit of money for the cheapest option. Then I went on my way collecting debts for my mission. On the way back I get held up by a gang of people. I tried to outrun them and I got shot and died. I think my horse died just before I did.

When I revived I was on my other horse and am without my rifle again. I guess it disappeared when my horse died even though my saddle was on the map. So once again I have no rifle.


I don’t think it’s possible to lose a weapon permanently, I think everything should always be accessible from your saddle on your horse, and if you lose your saddle you can get that back at a stable in town.

Maybe I’ve just been lucky though? I hope not. I didn’t pay a stupid amount of money to adorn my varmint rifle with fancy gold engravings just to lose it later!


I don’t have a rifle either. If I had one at one point, I lost it too. I got the repeater though and I couple of shot-guns. I’ve been saving up for a rifle. I mistook the repeater, initially, for the repeater. I just thought the repeater was a type of rifle.


It’s definitely possible to lose a weapon permanently, happened to me a couple of times. But it’s so easy to accumulate money in the game that it’s not a huge burden to just buy it back.


What rifle was it that you lost, do you remember? Was it just the carbine repeater? BTW when you’re checking for your rifle, make sure that you’re on your horse. If you leave your horse and don’t see a weapon on your shoulder or back, it’s not equipped.

I straight up lost the Springfield rifle after a mission that gave me AND made me use* the Carcano rifle.

*this really bugs me and there are at least 3 story missions which do that, and don’t even let you escape the first person through-the-scope view to get some situational awareness.


I’ll tell you something that bugged me even more than the occasional gun that I would lose, is the one damned gun I wish I would lose but can’t. At some point I must have picked up a worn cattleman’s revolver and now it’s eternally in my pistol ring because there’s no way to take guns off.


A tip for anyone who isn’t aware: if you go to a gunsmith and hit the “customize” button when talking to him, you can at least temporarily assign weapons to your back and shoulder. Don’t know how long it stays in effect–maybe till a story mission that gives you a new weapon?


BTW, I finally finished the epilogues last night. I wonder, can I still go in search of Granger’s Revolver? I think that was the first former gunslinger that I fought (the pig-farmer dude). Perhaps I didn’t think to loot him because IIRC he throws a knife at you. I know in IRL it would be impossible, but hey, video games?


I don’t recall. The first one was the one you get at the start of the bear hunting mission. It may have been a repeater actually. The second I think was a varmint rifle I bought after I lost the first one. When I go back to the gun store it says I own the varmint rifle and can’t buy it again.


Will that work for my rifle I’m missing but it shows I own?


Not sure, but it’s worth a shot. See if it shows up in the list under the customize menu (which BTW is a good place to get your guns cleaned for cheap). When I lost the Springfield it was apparently really lost because I was able to buy it again. Of course it’s also possible that the latest patch introduced as many bugs as it fixed.


Just to make sure; the rifles aren’t on your horse? I mean, I know it’s obvious so you’ll probably have checked, but if you are on your horse or next to it, you can scroll through the weapons on your horse and equip them…

Just asking because I have never lost a rifle in the game, and can’t for the life of me find out how I could lose a weapon if I wanted to. So if it’s really gone, I’d say it is a bug…


Also: if you dislike the riding through the open world, you can enter cinematic mode (press the large square button on the control for a while). It will autopilot you to the waypoint you set. However, this will take just as long as riding there yourself, and you’ll miss all the random events, hunting opportunities and interesting sites. Exploring those is what makes the game so much fun for me (and what makes up most of the game anyway). So if that is not your thing, it probably wont get better…


Yep, I checked.