Red Dead Redemption 2 - For a Few Redemptions More

Really? First person is that big of a deal to you guys? I doubt I’ll ever use it, why is it so great?

I dunno, it all sounds very iterative to me. I’m fine with that, because I loved RDR1, but it doesn’t sound like they’re taking any risks gameplay wise.

Probably depends on how the gang/camp stuff actually shakes out.

I’m pretty sure you could shoot the gun out of an enemy’s hand in the first game too, but I’m not going to get worked up over that.

The exploration of the world feels different in first person, to me. It makes a huge difference. It’s the difference between being in the world and watching someone else be in that world.

I think that is great And the First Person is a really cool feature that I will use (agree with @Rock8man) . If poorly executed, I’ll just revert to the third person view that I liked in the first game. A lot of these moves are win-win.

Clearly, the thread title should be -

All good cowboys go to… um… sequel? Red Dead Redemption 2, the Redemptioning


Just checked out Totilo’s impressions over at Kotaku:

One thing that jumped out at me, you have to maintain your weapons or they’ll decrease in performance! This sounds so cool -

“ Guns have stats and those stats can be slightly diminished if the guns are mishandled. You might, for example, get them wet and wind up with a drop in stats. Cleaning the weapons, complete with elaborate cleaning animations, brings those stats back up.”

This I like a lot.

It also says:

There’s a shopkeeper in the general store whose item list is a multi-page, illustrated catalogue. At a base camp, the game gave me a tip to remind me that if my character ate too much, he would get fat. Too little, and he’d get skinnier, and lose stamina. Detail after detail.

If this is the kind of TLC the world is getting, this will be dominating my life for a while…

This is pretty cool too, for more “Filmic” action:

I tried the new cinematic camera, which switches to widescreen, pulls the camera back and shows the action from more dramatic angles. It ran more smoothly than the cinematic modes in GTA games, which I’ve largely found make the game unplayable. It probably helps that horses move more slowly than cars and that it’s easier to hold a button in RDR2 to keep the horse moving in the right direction.

Another genre defining detail.

After seeing the game’s first trailer, we and others had wondered if the horse’s testicles were animated. I asked, and they told me that the testicles shrink and expand depending on the temperature in the game world. Details, details.


He did start to gush a bit.


Well, so anyway, the articles mention that John Martston is in the camp and that you can talk with him. Anyone know if they got the first game’s voice actor back?

The writer is doing a mini “AMA” in the comments section, and said it “sounds like him”.

No " The Re-Redemptioning"? What in tarnation?

You gotta draw a line somewhere. I could have had The Redemptive Seven, The Red Josey Redemption and The Redemption of Jesse James by the Coward Red Ford, Part Two. But you gotta know when to stop.

Also, McRed & Mrs. Redemption (“I got Rockstar ™ in me! I do!”).

The Quick and the Red

All right, let’s just lay our cards down.

Bring Me the Head of Red Dead Redemption

Paint Your Red Dead Redemption

(Red) Dead (Redemption) Man

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Red Dead Revolver’s Spiritual Successor’s Sequel

Red Dead 2: Beyond Redemption

You guys.