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Re: Red Dead Online - the only thing I’d be interested in would be the possibility to play online, co-op with a friend, in the normally single player world. It doesn’t appeal to me to be riding around and getting jumped by groups of kids who are running around the RDR world griefing as many people as they can. But then again, my play style is extremely laid back in games like RDR (or W3) anyway.


Same. Griefing is a big reason why I tend to be shy when playing online. My hope is bounties and Wanted statuses will be a significant deterrent for random griefing like that. Rockstar may also include the feature they use in GTAO where you can turn off player killing completely (both directions) while you go about doing your thing.


If it’s going to be anything like how GTA Online ended up (nonstop hax and griefing, from what I hear, at least on the PC) naaah.


I played some Witcher 3 this weekend and it was crazy how … Euro glitchy it feels now that I’ve played RDR 2. The horse movement that I used to just love is all wrong now, the strange jank I never noticed before, like his Witcher amulet bouncing around all by itself in cut scenes, all of it was strangely … unpolished feeling, in a game I would have sworn was the most polished RPG on the planet? Hard to explain. Tough to get into for some reason, now.


Oh no! I might have waited too long to play the two expansions then. I wonder if it will feel all janky to me now as well. RDR2 really has brought a whole never level of polish and expectations.


I’m hoping if I just keep playing it will start to feel more “normal” again - RDR 2 is very immersive, and it can feel strange when you are doing the same type of activities (like riding a horse) in another game, so it could just be something I have to re-acclimate to. I will hold off on my second Witcher 3 play through for now though, come back to it maybe next summer when I’m looking for a retro game to get back into.


Yesterday I tracked down a bounty, who was holed up in a fort. After I took him down, I put his body on my horse and started riding back to collect my bounty. People recognized his body and bounty hunters started chasing me and killed me. After I reloaded, I took out my rifle as I put the body on the horse, that way instead of pulling out my pistol I pulled out my rifle when I encountered the bounty hunters.

I like that I have to think about things like that. Taking the rifle or the shotgun out from the horse, and slinging it across my back, in case I run into trouble, which is then more immediately available than having to fiddle through the menu and inventories and such. Preparing beforehand actually means having the gun on you and having it more easily available. It’s very appropriately less fiddly and less busywork than trying to dig through the menu at times of trouble.


I reached the end of chapter 6 and


Arthur’s goodbye to his horse absolutely gutted me. Even though he’d picked up other faster horses along the way, he had stuck with Pete from the beginning. Fed and brushed every day, given a nice pat whenever hitched, and routinely cared for at the stables. Arthur knew he was about to die, but to see his closest companion taken away like that (and so shortly after the death of his new friend Hamish) was utterly crushing. I don’t think an in-game death has affected me this much since season 1 of The Walking Dead.

Dammit… I’m tearing up a bit just thinking about it.


I have now switched to my dual Scholfields with Express ammo for Legendary animals. The first 3 times I killed the Legendary White Bison with my Rolliing Rock rifle with Express ammo it ran into the lake and sank before it died. Twice I killed the legendary Beaver with my Rolling Rock rifle and it ran off and died in the river.

So I decided, if I can get relatively close, using Deadeye, I can unload both revolvers with their express ammo, and maybe that will do more damage. Sure enough, the White Bison went down after taking one step once I filled it with lead from my revolvers. Same for the Legendary Beaver; I used Deadeye, unloaded my Scholfields, and it died without moving a step.

I haven’t tried this with the Legendary Grizzly yet. But I will, Should be interesting.


When I’m hunting perfect pelts:

When I’m hunting legendary pelts:


lol so true.


Speaking of the Schofield, I seem to have lost it in the mission that ends Chapter 2. Now I didn’t acquire it legitimately in the first place, but has that happened to anyone else? Kinda bummed.


Yeah, i had the same thing happen… but you should be able to able to just buy two of them now.

But them and fully upgrade them, then you will have them forever.


Yes. I’ve lost both a Lancaster repeater and a Schofield revolver, and those are both my most used weapons. Bummed me out. But by that point I had lots of money so I just bought them back.

If by upgraded you mean fully customized, the weapons I lost were fully upgraded. I don’t think that helps.


For me…

I had done a series of questions with the veteran Hunter guy, and when he finally died, he gave me his horse Buelle, who was this awesome golden badass… And that was the horse i was riding in that scene.


I am in chapter six and some guns are still locked - automatic shotgun, litchfield rifle etc

are these EVER gonna unlock?


I think you may have to find them in the world. I certainly found the auto shotgun somewhere - I didn’t buy it and it wasn’t a quest reward.


I think there are some weapons that don’t unlock until the epilogues.


Jeez. Those better be some damn fine long-ass epilogues then!


They are, but they aren’t how you unlock the weapons you describe. I believe those open up after certain side quests you may not have done yet.

One unlocks in chapter 4, one in chapter 6 so you may have just not played far enough for the rifle.