Red Dead Redemption 2 - For a Few Redemptions More


The flat cap is default for ladies apparently. And there was no cowboy hat option.


I was really hoping for a black betty outfit for the female gunslinger, but nothing so far.



Huh, my female gunslinger was initially wearing the stovepipe, when the option to pick a hat came up. I went with the cowboy hat. Or whatever it is. I just take the hat off each time I start.

Finished up the tutorial last night, which requires teaming up with 3 other people. We raided a small bandit outpost and stole some horses. Pretty easy. After that, I went solo and ran round for a couple of hours, hunting and selling to the butcher, who is now the only buyer of pelts and meat. That stuff sells for about the same as in single player, I think. Looting NPCs yields significantly less, though. I made it to Rank 4, and have about $30. Was going to save up for binoculars or a gun scope, but it looks like I’ll need to rank up quite a bit more, first.

Going solo doesn’t really seem to be a viable option, if you want to level up and make good money. Bracing myself to team up more tonight and over the weekend.


You can turn off voice chat in the settings


Yeah, I turned it off. But I do prefer to talk when I need to communicate in online games. Hopefully it’s easy enough to turn it on and off as needed. I suppose Discord channels are also a possibility (my PC is close enough).


So after I rescued that one asshole in my gang, the whole gang had a big night of partying, so I went to sleep. When I woke up the next morning, there was a new bounty in Strawberry on my map, and there was an option to go hunting with Charles for the first time. I figured I’d go do the bounty first.

When I came back from that, Charles is off in a corner, no longer wanting to go hunting.

Did I miss my only opportunity? Or will he be available again in the future sometime?


I was wondering the same thing. It was a bison hunt, I believe. I was otherwise occupied when I first spotted it, and when I finally got to camp the mission was no longer available.


Those timed opportunities come up again. I’ve missed a couple and they’ve always popped back up.

Got to bang my own drum here - I pulled off a store robbery today that was a thing of beauty. I’ll try to keep it vague, but I discovered that a shop had an illegal poker game going on, so I bullied my way in, shanked their guard, then made off with all the money. I scared the players so bad they didn’t even report the crime, got off scott free.


Congrat! I’ve been shy of one of those secret room robberies after I did the first one in the back room of a gunsmith or general store (early chapter) and had every lawman in the county out front, the door out back barred on my side but apparently I became so bumbling I couldn’t open it. I had to shoot my way out (got killed when they stormed the back room the first time) got a really big bounty, especially for my income at the time, and didn’t really get much money out of it.

Sounds like I should plan better and try one of these…


The hunting bison with Charles is worth doing. I found something interesting I came back to later, and there’s a nice little reward. Plus it was just enjoyable riding with Charles and hearing him talking about his story and take on nature.


My son and his friends are having a blast with RDR 2 online. I thought this was a PS4 thing for a bit, or is that period over now? He’s been playing it all morning and he’s been laughing and yelling all morning. It’s awesome. :/

I just watched him play, it’s him and three of his buddies from school doing open world fun and hunting bandits, looks like they are having a fantastic time, they’ve been at it all morning.


I have one good friend (my brother in another state) who I love to play online co-op with. Will we be forced to form bigger groups with strangers in the online game?


No, he said he and his friends are just in the game world running around, they are just choosing to hang around together.


The only thing in the game that requires more than one player are story missions (2-4 required), so you and your brother could posse up and do those, and anything else, no problem*. From what I’ve seen, the person initiating the mission can boot anyone they want from it. Although I must say, the randoms I’ve played story missions with have, so far, been mostly fine.

So far, the only time I’ve felt like I needed a posse of my own was when a rival posse noticed me delivering mail for the post office, and intercepted one of my packages. I was outnumbered, but it was still fun to try to get my package back.

Btw there’s a RDO discussion here: Red Dead Online: RDR2’s multiplayer half.

* Note that I haven’t touched showdowns or races, yet.


A question about horses: once you’ve reached maximum bonding level with a given horse, it can’t get any faster or have greater stamina, right?


Right. But tack (saddles, saddlebags, stirrups) boosts cores and regen rates further. The horse upgrade menu is weird and it’s easy to overlook those things.


I’m a little lost. How do I tell how happy or not happy people are in my camp? And how much I should give to the camp? Also I can’t seem to be able to find the place to remove ammo or meds even though I’m right over the icon.


Honestly I wouldn’t worry about it.


People talk about chopping wood. I’m in the Chapter 3 camp near the lake, walked all over this camp, I don’t see anywhere to chop wood! Where is it?


In Horseshoe Overlook it’s on the West side of the camp just south of the Health Supplies.

So another question. If I “donate antlers to crafting”. Do I still get to decide what is crafted? Are they stored, or is it another donation and they disappear?