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I’m also in Chapter 3 and still haven’t figured out the happiness thing. Like Scott says, don’t worry too much about it. Just donate enough to buy the upgrades.

Ammo is over by Arthur’s wagon. Walk around it and you’ll see stuff sitting out. Meds are over at Strauss’s wagon.

It took me a while to find the wood, hay and sacks of food in Chapter 3. Wait for daylight, then walk around and you’ll see that distinctive stump with an axe leaning on it in a spot sort of approaching the lake.

For crafting purposes, donate only animal skins/parts that are explicitly marked as for crafting, in the lower right of your screen in the upgrade menu. If it says “Funds” then there’s no crafting value. Once Pearson has what’s needed for something, it’ll automatically be purchasable in the upgrade menu.


In addition to this: it wont be there until you buy the upgrades. Which you can’t buy until you have done the debt-collection quests.


i the other thread I asked about the best way to…

kill the white cougar as part of the debt collection mission. Does the pelt need to stay relatively intact or can it be full of holes? What’s the best gun to use?


They’re marked with a black dot on the minimap.


They’ll tell you if they’re unhappy.


It did not have a quality type and you only sell it to a butcher, so fire away! I killed it with a bow since I was trying to complete hunting challenge 6.


I’m finding the trinkets and such kind of useless. Some are pretty good, like the ones that cut down on weapon degradation, but then I made one from the legendary wolf that allows me to drink twice as much liquor without getting drunk? Why would I need that? Are there drinking contests somewhere?


Ahhh. See I didn’t want to actually take anything out. I just wanted to see what was available there. As I’ve discovered it is currently grayed out.

So, I also discovered something by accident. My horse got killed and so I just let myself die in a hail of bullets so I could reload as I didn’t know why I was attacked. To my horror I discovered my horse is gone for good! And I lost a crapload of money as well.


Shy of thymed big game meat alcohol is the best method of increasing your deadeye and stamina cores. You can get them back to full without getting drunk with that trinket.


you can re-acquire the horse by returning to wherever you got it in the first place.


I got when the game started o.O


I’ve been using chewing tobacco to recover deadeye since I have so damned much of it for some reason.


Yeah, same. I did note that it’s best to use it to fill/fortify your outer wheel while you still have as much core left as possible, as it seems like having zero core gives you wilder and harder aiming during the dead eye action. So by the end I was starting a fight by popping some chew, and then when it wore out I’d pop some more, keeping my core as full as I could.


Since I lost my starter horse and am only in chapter 3, and I feel like I messed up some city stuff (got in 3 person fight as I accidentally rammed someone with my horse), should I restart? Because I’m dumb I also didn’t notice I was losing money every time I died too, so I’ve lost like $100+ easily. Or should I continue on?

Also, is there a way to have 2 totally different games going on at the same time? Like one where I’m super good guy, and one where I’m super bad guy?


Chewing tobacco restores the outer ring while alcohol restores the actual eye in the middle. I think chewing tobacco actually decreases the inner eye when you use it. As far as I can tell the three sectors on the top of the item wheel all deal with the rings of their appropriate cores but the provisions section on the left part of the ring is what actually refills the inner symbol. Also cooked meat does not show up on the wheel at all. You have to open your satchel to get to any of that stuff. If you haven’t tried it, cook some thymed big game meat, it is amazing.


First I would visit a stable and make absolutely sure you can’t summon any owned horses to it. I’m assuming at the very least the starter horse (the very first horse you had, not the one purchased early on in a mission) will reappear somehow. If you’re certain you can’t retrieve any horses that way, then either buy a new one or steal/tame one. (Not too hard to do with a bit of practice.) Once you have a new horse, make sure you store it in the stable.

As for your bounty, you can either suck it up and pay it off, or you can turn yourself into the law and spend some time in jail. Which you pick depends on how much cash you have on hand. (Going to jail wipes your balance.)



I don’t know that I have a bounty on my head, but will check. I didn’t kill the guys, just fisticuffs… of which I ended up dying lol.


What is the relationship of the ring and core with regards to deadeye? I can see that the health and stamina rings get refilled from the core, but this never seems to happen with deadeye. So why do I care about the deadeye core?


I think this is very possible. You can create a whole new game and start a separate save going. It may get tricky to tell them apart as it uses completion percentage and last mission complete to name the file. It will also tell you the date it was saved so that should help.


I mentioned this just a few posts ago, but I believe the more drained your dead eye core the more “wobbly” your aim when in Dead Eye mode.