Red Dead Redemption - Spoiler Thread!

I thought I beat the game.

This happened more than once.

First time was right after Dutch killed himself. I was surprised when the game kept on going, but had a feeling something bad was coming.

Then, I thought the game was over when John was killed and was surprised to play the game as Jack.

Next, I found a stranger mission which fed Jack’s appetite for revenge. Finally, the credits rolled.

I liked the newspaper edition after the final story mission though I had hoped to have read something about the MacFarland’s. They were good people.

So has anyone uncovered any cheat codes or easter eggs yet?

Not completely through the game yet, but I didn’t see Johns death coming. I had a bit of a bad feeling after the game continued after the death of Dutch… but nothing like that.

Done. That final duel was very satisfying. All six shots right in the face.

Now I’m hoping they will go the GTA IV route and make some DLC episodes.

Can you finish side quests after the credits roll?

As far as I saw (didn’t play rdr today) you can just go on after the credits end or you press (X) to cancel them.

Wow. Just - wow.

I know there have been other games where main characters have died, but not many, and this one got me a little. Didn’t expect that. I did like the continuity with Jack, tho. And yea - it was nice to plug ol Ross in the head a few dozen times. Too bad I couldn’t have offed his family and let him know about it before he bought it. Fuckwad.

Aargh, I managed to F up the big revenge mission. Does it come back at some point?

Eh? Even if you fail the duel it should start you right at Chuparosa.

You can, Jack even has a ton of dialogue (he sounds young but remember this is only 3 years after John dies.)

What happened was that I had almost gotten to the final confrontation with Ross (as in, I was already near or in the purple area of the map), and I saw a cougar or bobcat or something slinking around in the brush, so I shot at it, and the game promptly informed me that I’d failed the quest.

So, in a case like that, do I get a do-over?

Man I have no idea, did you reload the save or barring that leave the area and camp and come back?

Have you tried suicide?

Hmm, I guess I could get Jack killed and see what happens. I still have a hard save just in case from before the last couple of plot missions.

OK, having Jack throw himself from a cliff in Plainview just locked up my 360 on reload.

Completed the main story tonight , overall completion of 81%.

The Stranger Mission called " I KNOW YOU" , was that the devil John was talking to ?

The last time you see him , is where your grave is eventually located.

John Marston had been a squeaky clean reformed hero. How would his son carry on his legacy? Well, first he donned the US Marshal outfit, so that all of his revenge would be under the auspices of justice.

Upon contacting Mr. Ross’ wife and receiving word of his location, Jack Marston proceeded to hogtie her. While she struggled, Jack firebombed her house and killed her horse. Jack then cut her free…only to lasso her again and drag her into her own firepit, where she burned alive.

Mr. Ross’ brother was contacted on a bright summer day, and after a short conversation, Jack Marston hogtied him. Firebombed the camp. Left him struggling, tied…no on second thought, bent over and relieved the man’s misery with his blade.

Mr. Ross was probably the luckiest, the pain from the bullets to his groin, stomach and chest was quickly alleviated by the five bullets to his head… Jack Marston found that the high power pistol that the very same Mr. Ross has given to his father held the exact number of bullets he needed to finalize his brutal revenge.

The games title is apparently misleading.

I like the approach. Only problem is, you can’t tell Ross about what you did so he suffers a little before his demise.

I wondered about that. Just the devil letting John know his due is coming. Never noticed about the last encounter being on the future gravesite. That’s pretty cool.

I never saw the stranger. I figure thats because when I played him John Martson was a good man.

Jack on the other hand…well…he aint a nice man at all.

no , I also played John as a good guy, and Jack as his evil revenge seeking son.

Does anyone else think that the dude playing Jack is trying a little too hard with the horse commands? Some of them really grate, like “work ya there, nag!”

Yeah, although most of his other dialogue (and he has a lot of it!) is fine. He strikes me as the utter opposite of his dad in that John was usually calm while Jack feels he has to shout things and prove that he’s as good as his dad.

Also he’s saying “work ya damn nag”