Red Dead Redemption - Spoiler Thread!

I agree. I tried killing his brother in front of him and simply disarming him to let him live with the murders, but both ended in failure!

As a side note, can you still buy the paper after getting 100%? I forgot to buy it and they never seem to be selling it anymore. Might be because it was raining though.

That is not how I expected the ending to go. After I got back to the ranch I was of course expecting the other shoe to drop, but I thought Abigail and Jack would get killed, and John would go on a bloody path of revenge, throwing over whatever redemption he may have gained.

I managed to screw up the final Dead Eye scene too. Shot one lousy guy. John should have gone out better than that.

Yeah, it caught me by surprise when it happened. Thought I was still in a cut-scene. Only managed to kill 3 of the bastards.

Same here. I squeezed RT right away instead of hitting RB. Third-level dead eye has got me like that on more than one occasion. Though when the dead eye dropped I at least winged another guy.

There’s always the mission replay, though.

Funny thing is, I aimed for the guy that looked like Ross, but I guess his double must have come on the raid that day. :-).

The “Devil” stranger is the only one that can’t be completed after ending the game - but he shows up no matter what (first encounter is looking from on top of a cliff in Hennigan’s Stead).

Supposedly the ambiant dialogue at their Ranch has people saying Bonnie got married somewhere between 1911-1914.

Bonnie and John’s relationship reminds of a line from one of Tsvetayeva’s poems (i can’t rem which) that says “The strong never mate with the strong”. I was sort of hoping his family wasn’t going to be there, at the end.

did anyone manage to aim at Ross in that scene? pretty sure he was there on the left, but I started on the right and sadly only had 6 shots. I kept thinking if only I had my Evans Repeater I’d be able to live. :)

Finished this last week and absolutely loved it. The story seemed kind of hokey, but I really liked the characters. My only complaint would be that you can’t keep playing John after the end of the game, but Jack did eventually grow on me. After spending the entire game playing John, it was sad to see his end. It did make the last stranger mission much more satisfying. With Jack I’ve started working on collecting outfits, the US Marshall being my first. It was pretty easy, you just have to hit all US gang hideouts in one 24-hour period. I’d also like to get the Legend of the West outfit, but haven’t started on any of the challenges yet.

I think I downed 4 or 5 of them in the last dead eye sequence. I didn’t pay much attention to how many shots I had, but I did think it was more than 6. I guess I was assuming since I had the high powered pistol equipped, that’s what I would be using. I thought about going back and replaying it again, just to see if I could get all head shots. Since it won’t change anything, at least major, I don’t have much motivation to try.

A few final thoughts on the game :

-The end sequence was amazing. It’s a pity the main confrontation with Dutch and Williamson were so anti-climactic.

-I would have preferred them to cut mexico in half length-wise, and make more Jack missions at the end. Make him run around the entire game world one last time looking for the agents.

  • Rockstar COMPLETELY missing the opportunity for best ending credits ever award. How about interactive riding into the fucking sunset? The most clichéd cowboy ending would have been the best for this game.

-By far the best moments in this game were the songs. Such a small detail will prove to be the second most remembered thing about this game (second to the character switch).

The long, drawn-out shot of Bonnie idly kicking the dirt while watching John ride out of her life forever, with his wife at his side, is heart-wrenching. You can tell how much it’s hurting her, as though the only reason she isn’t collapsed in the road and sobbing is that she’s such a strong woman in the first place.

That may have been partly intentional, as if to emphasize that Dutch, Bill, and Javier were simply the means to an end. On the other hand, if that was the case, it was taken too far. Chasing after Dutch after storming his base was one of the lowest points of the game. Shoot lantern, watch a cutscene, run through a tunnel, watch another cutscene, climb a couple of ladders, repeat until victory. Lame.

Mexico was definitely dead time. I liked the New Austin stuff, and I liked the West Elizabeth stuff, but the vast majority of the Mexico missions could have been cut entirely.

The mission givers are a big part of this - Marston really has no motivation to work with just about everyone down there, and they’re all so cartoonishly malevolent that it strains credibility that he’d go along with them.

This was a problem throughout the game, but in other areas John’s motivations were much better established.

Some DLC where you play as Bonnie would be awesome.

Yea, I felt for her during that scene. I’ll have to look for a newspaper after the storyline is over this time through and/or listen to the ambient dialogue at the ranch. Hopefully, that bunch of pixels married someone decent and not Amos or whoever she mentions in passing in one of the earlier missions.

One other thing on the last mission. I am kind of disappointed how Ross didn’t explain things. I mean, if he wanted John dead, why not kill him after Dutch was dead? Why let him go back to his family, especially given that they weren’t exactly gung-ho to take out the wife and son as well?

OTOH - the whole ‘explaining yourself’ is a bit cliche, and this is probably more ‘realistic’ in that sense, so I can see why they did it that way. But sometimes, things are cliche for a reason.

Well, he really had no choice if he was to get any clues to Williamson’s whereabouts. But I agree that the story kinda dragged out a bit in Mexico. But, on the other hand, I thought most of the actual missions there were great so I didn’t really mind that much.

I was looking for Ross too, I managed to hit his “social secretary” I think. At least the body on the ground looked a lot like him, and he wasn’t standing around afterwards.

According to the wikia, Archer isn’t present at the final battle.

By the way did anyone ever figure out “Eva in peril”? It felt like I missed an opportunity for explanation there as I shot the dude (couldnt disarm him). Anyone else get a different result?