Red Dragon

Fucking great movie. Better than Silence. See it. Now.

That’s my short, 10-second review. Seriously, it doesn’t need anything longer. Perhaps one of the best films of all time, hands down.

Better than Duets?

Frankly, it wasn’t that great.

Save for its dated synthesizer score, Manhunter was much creepier.

We’ve seen Red Dragon literally a dozen times now. Twelve years ago, Red Dragon would have been revolutionary and scary. Today, it just feels like warmed leftovers.

The acting talent available is unbelievable, but the movie itself had all the requisite plot twists that have been aped in every other movie like this.

Saw this on This adds a whole new meaning to “Director’s Cut.”

I agree, except with the “Better than Silence” bit. Certianly better than “Hannibal”.

>Certianly better than “Hannibal”.

…like every movie released in the past 95 years.

Beware, people.

Met_K’s reaction is biased because the entire soundtrack was done by Ministry and The Who.

Silence! You mental midget!

You belong to the “The day Royal Tenenbaums came out was the first day of the rest of my life” club, don’t you?

Silence! You mental midget!


Saw this on This adds a whole new meaning to “Director’s Cut.”

I read about it on Thursday! Just think about that… someone sat at a computer and digitally messed with Fiennes’ genitals! It’s staggering!


No, you hick. It was Rushmore, which Tenenbaums was a sad clone of. But since you’ve degenerated into labeling those who have different opinions than you, I can imagine that the first day of the rest of your life was when you discovered “cool” was spelled c-o-o-l, and not k-e-w-l. You easy-to-please rube.

Well done, well done indeed.


Shall we begin a thread listing movies which were not better than “Hannibal” in the last 95 years? I can think of a few…

I think Hannibal is better than Silence. Its gory… just like it should be. I dont want to see Red Dragon because I saw Manhunter which was good, better than Silence…


That’s exactly why I place them in the reverse order, for my tastes. I like the suspense and the tension of the Lecter movies. Gore is antithetical to that and doesn’t fit. If Hannibal hadn’t had those gory scenes it would have been perfect (although the one at the end actually showing Ray Liotta’s brain was pretty cool).

From what I understand Manhunter and Red Dragon are fairly different, but I barely remember the former, and just saw the latter.

It’s not bad, basically kind of your standard serial killer/profiler movie, except with Hannibal as an added morsel.

— Alan

I was planning on seeing this one, but got discouraged by the wanton gore in Hannibal, which literally ruined the film for me. I upped, went back to the box office, got my money, and went home.

I’m not into gratuitious gore movies of any kind (I still haven’t watched Saving Private Ryan).

So, is it gory or can I go see it without getting post traumatic stress anxiety attacks? (please don’t ask, I won’t tell you even if I wanted to).

Look here…I have not seen Red Dragon yet, but…Silence of the Lambs, at the time, was wonderfully terrifying. Hannibal seemed like it was an attempt to out-gore Silence and the movies which came after and had tried to emulate it. The serial killer-thrillers have poured out of Hollywood since then and I think Morgan Freeman has been in every one of them.

I know many folks who say, “this was better than that” as a kneejerk response after the memory of the former has dulled considerably. Now, I assume that you have taken a second, carefully considered how good Silence really was back then, and have now come to the conclusion that Red Dragon is better. If this is the case, I will be excited to see it. Otherwise, Met_K, I am sending you my wife’s 3rd Eye Blind CD which, after receiving, will have to be listened to over and over. The lead singer has obviously made a deal with the devil in order to compel people to buy and continue to play his crap.