Red Dwarf

Is there a Red Dwarf thread around here? Well, there is now!

I got an email from the BBC that they are gathering audiences for filming of Red Dwarf X (the tenth series) this December and January. Just thought there might be some love for a 25-year-old British sci-fi comedy series!

A 25-year-old British sci-fi/comedy series that hasn’t seen a good series in nearly as long? Sold!

Seriously, I was more than a little let down by series 5 and 6, and absolutely appalled at series 7 and 8. The TV movie wasn’t much better.

That said, I’ll still watch.

Sounds like I made the right choice to stop watching at season 4/5.

Then you missed the diarrhetic Tyrannosaurus? And Kryten’s runaway dick?

Are you serious about V and VI? Those had some of the best episodes! Quarantine in particular should not be missed.

I’ve never understood the “dodged a bullet” attitude of being glad you stopped watching a series early. I’ve found things I really liked in all of the series, and each one is, what, two or three hours? Hardly worth stressing over. If you watch the series and it’s not as good as older ones, so what?

I completely understand the ‘dodged a bullet attitude’ of missing something. I feel that exact same way when I can be thankful I have never seen Highlander 2 and other crappy sequel movies.

I’ve only watched a few Red Dwarf episodes, many years ago. Reading this made me look into dvd availability, and there’s a cheapish box set available, containing seasons 1-8. I don’t see season 9 anywhere, though. What’s the deal?

I’ve not seen it since season 5-6 myself.

Series 9 doesn’t exist. In the Red Dwarf Special, they make references to Series 9, calling it one of the best series ever, amazing, incredible, and so on. Story-wise, skipping past Series 9 allowed them to change the setting and characters of the show, without actually resolving the cliffhanger from Series 8. Maybe they’ve just decided to skip it altogether, or maybe they’re building up to doing it retroactively.

In case it wasn’t obvious, I think Series 7 and 8 are worth watching. There’s some clever stuff in there, and any Red Dwarf is better than no Red Dwarf.

Red Dwarf jumped the shark when they made Rimmer a hard light hologram. The last seasons were practically unwatchable and the news that they’re planning on making a 10th series just makes me depressed.

Red Dwarf won’t be good until it’s written by Grant Naylor again. I didn’t hate season 7 and 8 (8 is quite good actually) but the TV special was lame.

Random silly aside:

A big part of the reason I was a fan of this show for a while was due to the 1992 NLCS between the Braves and Pirates, and the miraculous Sid Bream slide. Red Dwarf was what I watched after being massively hyped up as a young-un- the wax museum episode. Two fandoms cemented in one night.

Their Red Dwarf books are, if anything, better than the show. The quality of their work - both the show and the books - really fell apart once the collaboration ended.

I have no idea what series was which, but those two episodes were truly amazing. Was the time travel, JFK episode in the later series’? Cause that’s pretty much my favourite episode, totally ingenious :D

I think those were Series 8, with the JFK episode as Series 7. I agree about the JFK one; pretty clever stuff, that.

Red Dwarf is my most favourite thing ever, as far as movies/TV are concerned.Season 8 was a bit weaker, and last three (new) episodes were weaker too…but I still love it.
I have never seen it in original language though (czech dubbing, which I normally hate, is just brilliant in RD).
I have seen it about 5 times all the way through, once every year or two, it still makes me die laughing everytime. I hope new season will be good…

Shit, even I remember those episodes. It got even more hilarious when I recognised the poor Cpt. Hollister from another sci-fi classic.

I can’t take him seriously as the colony leader anymore.

Colony lead…oh. I just assumed he was talking about The Fifth Element.

If you’re a Red Dwarf fan, the DVD commentaries are worth a listen too. I believe they recorded a commentary for every episode.

I remember watching this 16 +/- years ago on a PBS station in Monterey whenever we vacationed there. The local PBS station never showed it, or Doctor Who for that matter.