Red Faction II for PC? seems to think so. It has the game down for availability on 3/20. :)



probably another run of the mill shooter, but I’ll buy it; I enjoyed Red Faction PC.


Unless its a big improvement over the first one I could care less. There are plenty of quality shooters for the PC. The PS2 can have RF.

From what I’ve read in various reviews, it seems the gameplay is significantly tighter and better overall in RF2.

Although SP of the original was a little dull, the multiplayer was a riot.

I have to say that the Rail-Driver still has to be one of my favorite weapons of all time =D

I also think the geo-mod environment was a hell of a lot fun to play in multi. Weapons that can create holes in walls and floors- why can’t anyone else pick up that ball and run with it?

I thought Red Faction was a great -idea- for a game the game didn’t really exploit. As I’ve said before, the destructability turned out (added: NOT) to be an integral element in gameplay but a gimmick. Kind of a neat gimmick, too, but I wanted more consequences: Take out a load-bearing wall and watch what happens.

I mentioned RF2 coming over mainly because someone wrote some ways back that it wouldn’t come to the PC. I wonder if they’ll bring Summoner over as well.


Take out a load-bearing wall and watch what happens.

Your computer has to build a whole new level on the fly…

I understand the complaint, but it seems to me there isn’t enough processing power yet to support wanton destruction in a first person shooter. X-Com’s 2D tileset engine did this, but since then, has any game supported widespread destruction?

I love blowing up shit as much as the next guy, and I’m sure developers understand this because they probably love it too, but I suspect there are technological limitations in place.

I say John Carmack should forget about Doom 3 and get to work on an engine that lets players use a rocket launcher to level an entire city block rather than just the scripted destructable bits.


Freedom Force. Best part of the game was using objects in the environment as weapons, and the wholsale destruction of builidngs and other terrain.

What I want is a game like BF1942 with destructible buidlings and damageable terrain. That would keep me happy for years.

I agree with the wishes about looking to improve things in other areas besides eye candy. 3D graphics have been pushing forward at a fast clip for years now but IMO things like AI are far behind in comparison. I see so many games that may look good but have AI thats not much more than DOOM was in '93. Some games are much better but overall its way behind.

I was disapointed in RF mostly because Geomod really sounded cool, and I though it would usher in a new level of interactivity. Devs talk about the “immersive” effect the latest 3D gives but thats all thrown out when you shoot a RL at a wall and all it does is leave a scorch mark.

Would this really add much to gameplay, though? For example, if the buildings were destructible on the Wake Island map, naval shelling and bombing would very quickly reduce the island to a parking lot. With all of the interesting features gone, the map becomes pretty boring. I expect the attacking team would purposely destroy all of the buildings to deprive the defenders of hard cover.

Maybe we could add a SeaBee unit, and they could drive around with armored bulldozers fixing the runways and rebuilding the bunkers. Natural Selection is kind of moving in that direction with all of the construciton and destruction that goes on.

This game is by the makers of Panzer Elite but it seems like they’ve taken notice of the success of BF1942 and Operation Flashpoint and made things more arcadish. It looks very cool.

It will be here in March.

[i]"Red Faction 2 which was previously an exclusive Playstation 2 title is due to come to all formats as soon as possible. It is due to be released on the Nintendo Gamecube, the Xbox and the PC in March. Although no GameBoy Advance title has been announced it surely can’t be long till it is. There’s also many a change planned to the conversions:

The Gamecube version, being developed by THQ’s Cranky Pants Games studio, will feature custom animations, improved texture resolution and color as well as enhanced lighting specific to the Gamecube hardware. The Xbox and PC versions, being developed by THQ’s Outrage Games studio, will include increased texture resolution, and exclusive multiplayer maps and character models."[/i]