Red Letter Media (Plinkett Reviews)

Maybe Payton Oswalt or Macauley Culkin are doing it for a lark.

Nah, not the RLM copy. The bandwagon sales. $500 for Nukie?

I do like the “another VHS copy of Nukie or something” title.

LOL 80 grand for a VHS of Nukie. Did the movie even cost that much to make?


It’s going to charity, right? I can imagine Macauley bidding it up.

— Alan

Yeah, the RLM copy is all for charity.

It was at $80,400 for the longest time, but someone just had to have it and paid $200 more.

But at least they get free shipping!

Free Economy Shipping.

I don’t know how things turned out, but at one point Garry Newman (creator of Garry’s mod, not the “Cars” guy) had the high bid:

This latest video about a forgettable movie is worth watching if only to hear Mike’s imitation of the A24 violin sound.

Rich Evans utters the greatest line, that will likely live forever.

Holy shit

Damn, Mike was hawt.

He looks a lot like Eric Bana.

Mike is in peak Old Man form throughout this entire episode. Incredible.

The editing on that one was top-notch. Hilarious.