Red Letter Media (Plinkett Reviews)

This episode is awesome. And a bit terrifying.

I gotta be honest, these Best of the Worst things where they watch random VHS education and self-help tapes are probably my least favorite thing RLM does. But I still watch them because at least these guys are good for a laugh.

I’ve partially watched so many of these “movies” on Tubi/Amazon/Max/Peacock.

They’re really bad, and not in an interesting way, so I usually only get 20 minutes in and give up.

I had no idea there were that many Amityville movies.

We actually just talked about it in the horror mega-thread. There’s like 2 or 3 dudes that have cranked out a handful of Amityville movies on their own. I assume with the same “actors” (friends and relatives) in the same sets (the director’s house) with the cheapest plugin VFX.


Rich was so happy.

I guess getting 20 minutes in and giving up in disgust must be profitable somehow.

I would bet they just get a modest check when they initially sell their crap movie bundle to Uncork’d Entertainment who in turn licenses out to Tubi or Amazon so they can pump up their streaming content numbers. A big bundle of 200 titles like this probably costs as much as a new car. Win/win!

This is a pilot for a potential animated series

I’m not normally a huge fan of the Wheel of the Worst, and all the random videos they’ve managed to find, but this one is pretty darn great. You have to watch through to the end though.

I hope this is a children’s suicide video.

So, if Wheel of the Worst is actually awesome, and you like this one but not until the end, I should duck out when five minutes are left? :p

I don’t hate Wheel of the Worst, it’s just my least favorite of the gimmick shows the RLM guys do. I’d rather watch them collectively watch and rate a bad movie, or do a deep dive review on a current or classic movie than just a bunch of random old tapes they found. But they still usually find a way to make it entertaining so I always watch.

Velvet Gulch is actually my pornstar girlfriend’s name.

The “black spine” videos are my favorite.

I love Wheel of the worst . Can’t wait to fire this up tonight

That came together like a Christopher Nolan film climax.

I was kind of hoping they would try to recreate the computer video in the style of the CPR video. But I was very pleased with what they actually did.

And then the algorithm threw this up at me today. Watch the Wheel of the Worst up above this first - mainly because this won’t make a ton of sense on its own.

Macaulay Culkin returns

Woohoo, new Best of the Worst! I have to admit, I sympathize deeply with Rich’s struggling with the small print on the back of the dvd box.