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A new Half in the Bag: Transformers 3, “or as some have called it, the death of cinema.”


Do note that you’re not going to want to watch the last five or so minutes of that if you’ve just eaten or are about to eat.


Those last few minutes encapsulate exactly what they were saying: it was over-the-top and drawn-out. But gross, yeah.


That last part reminds me of how an average Angry Video Game Nerd episode is.


Trailer for the new Plinkett review (NSFW-ish):

Should be a very good one!


You know, I’m probably going to have to stop avoiding that movie and finally watch it.


Merry Christmas to us all.


I’m in.


Can’t wait.


There ya go.


Quite good, again.

This one was tougher to review as it wasn’t put together so cartoonishly-badly like the prequel trilogy. The paint is on the canvas, but it doesn’t quite work and you’re not sure quite why, except that you don’t like it.

The Indiana Jones murdercount was great.


I really hope he does do the Matrix films.


He’s absolutely right of course, the main problem is that the movie should never have been made, the people making it just aren’t the same people who made the first three.
The best part was the motorcycle chase because I thought the movies would come full circle and Indiana would take on the support role his father had in three and Mutt (haha “Mutt”! That’s a “funny” “joke”! 'Cause it’s a dog’s name like his father! It’s foreshadowing for morons and a joke your grandpa finds HI-larious! Problem is, of course, that “Mutt” is literally JUST a dog’s name, his name might as well have been “Mister Mittens” or “Pookie Nose”) would have been the slightly less smart but more street-wise adventurer. (He even gives the same look to Mutt that Indy’s dad gave to him on the motorcycle in the best call back) Then we could have the physical action these movies need without the suspension of disbelief of watching a 65 year old man beat up a 30 year old superman, while still having Indy around to do what he does best: figure out things and blunder into the next scene (in a bad-ass way but still mostly blundering)
Then it’s just a matter of kicking Lucas in the face, getting rid of the alien shit, the fucking green screen shit, making the bad-guy’s motivation clear, making the GOOD-guy’s motivation clear, making the threat and goals clear and making it a fucking Indiana Jones movie.


Wow. He did a running 2+ hour commentary of the Phantom Menace to celebrate the release on 3D.

“It’s like cancer that keeps killing you after you get to heaven.”

— Alan


…and it’s not really all that great from what I remember. Some good lines, and it’s obvious that at times they just cut in different commentary recorded at different times. A little disappointing.

— Alan


RLM’s Titanic review is up now. Based on the hint included, he’ll take on Star Trek V next.


I guess maybe this could have gotten its own thread, but there’s a trailer up for Red Letter Media’s latest movie, Space Cop.


New Plinkett review, this time of the Star Trek reboot.

I’m only halfway through the first part, but finding some well-trod ground.

Edit: Never mind, the reason this was felt so familiar was because it was made many years ago. It’s just new to YouTube is all. Pay no heed.


It’s heeeere…


A tip for those going in: commentary on the Force Awakens starts about 50 minutes in, before that it’s about the disney deal and another chance to complain about the prequels.