Red Letter Media (Plinkett Reviews)


Yeah, adult Macaulay Culkin seems kind of cool. Adult Wil Wheaton is pretty cool too though, have you guys seen his YouTube videos where he plays board games with lots of people, sometimes famous folks?


Adult Macaulay looks like a recovering meth addict.


That thumbnail isn’t exactly flattering and besides the red fingernails (that just seem a little conspicuous) I’d say he appears to be a genuine and sympathetic human being that is even capable of ripping into Rich Evans, which should be something that everyone should aspire to :)
Now I need to finish that Plinketto video…


He really is making the rounds.


Holy crap this episode is simply amazing.

— Alan


Ren Lezar will save us all.


Where do they get those wonderful toys?


This is hypnotic


“It happened again??”


I don’t think they enough copies of Nukie.


“Hobo-goblin” sounds like a good movie.


So I couldn’t care less about superhero movies or the cringy wars around them, but man, Milwaukee looks dreamy…