Red or Blue—Which Are You?

Fun poll here

Red or Blue

Answer it honestly - it’s not really a poll of Democrat/Republican Kerry/Bush, but rather, where your cultural knowledge/comfort zone is (which of course, corresponds to political inclination, but is not necessarily an exact match).

I was fairly far on the red side - the little indicator about 80% of the way across. FWIW, I live in Fenton, Missouri, a mid to slightly upper middle class suburb of St. Louis Missouri, in a state that is right on the political divide. Their blue state questions are very geared towards New Yorkers/Californians, and their red state questions on the other hand cater towards the NASCAR crowd and those who’ve driven through the quad cities more than once.

I’m curious how much people see this as correlating to geographic location and how much to personal political outlook. And of course, my bias was that all the ‘red’ questions are easy and most of the ‘blue’ ones ridiculously hard. (What the heck is the ‘Ivy’ and Avenue Q? And every American male should know which schools are in the Big 12…)

I only got “a little blue”, which makes me question the accuracy of the test:

Born in Queens
Grew up in Northern New Jersey
Lived in LA, San Francisco and Boston
Went to snobby east coast college
Have eaten at the Ivy more than once.

Very close to center - maybe 5% from center towards Blue.

Almost smack in the middle for me.

This qwiz has tons of problems, even for a source of entertainment. There were way too many questions where I didn’t know the answer and had to totally guess. That’s a lot of random error introduced into the measurement. For some of the questions there were multiple responses that were applicable (e.g., the “Would you buy this movie” questions).

Also, the little scan-tron form on the right was nifty looking, but sucked as a user interface. It’d have been much easier to select the appropriate option by clicking on IT.

Bah! :)

I placed right in the middle, which is not surprising since the questions are cultural stuff and I know that sort of thing. I know what the number 3 stands for, and I love Avenue Q, so I am the perfect moderate.

The questions are pretty easy, though.


Re: The UI - interesting visual, but very questionable. But in fact, if you click directly on the answers as you go through the test, it DOES fill in the scantron thing automatically (though I had to play with it for a minute or so to figure that out.)

What a horrible test. It gives points for ignorance of the ‘other side’s’ lifestyles.

I’m against Bush on almost every policy yet it rates me as about 2/3 red.

So ive fired a gun? +10 red.
I know which isn’t part of the Big 12? +5 red
I know Dale Earnhart is #3 because i saw it on a guys car about a week ago? +10 red.
I know Toby Keith though i never, e-v-e-r listen to country music? +10.
I “park for free”, which is literally everywhere other than NYC? +5 red.
I know Sam’s Club is part of Wal-Mart? +10 red.
I know who wrote the Book of Revelation (i mean wtf)? +10 red (should i have said Bozo the Clown LOL, or Fuck the Catholic Church!, to get bluey points?)
I know Rush Limbaugh is on for 3 hours a day 'cause of a 12-hour drive on a hunting trip? +10 red. (so rack another +10 for knowing of the mere existence of Dr. Laura)
I live within 30 miles of a Wal-Mart? (literally an impossibility not too?) +10 red for me, a Bush loving, son of the Confederacy!
I have no fucking desire to see Annie Hall? +10 for me, and some potato salad on the side!

I think the real question is “Do you live in Texas or New York?”

Being well read means you do well on the quiz, it doesn’t show which way you lean politically.

Yeah, that quiz is pretty ridiculous. I’m “in the middle,” because I guess I don’t pay to park and know something about unavoidable, pervasive pop culture, but I don’t know the names of trendy New York restaurants and don’t have HBO. Every single one of those questions needed an “I don’t know” option… I guessed on at least have of that random trivia.

I am barely red. Just because I don’t know shit about country music doesn’t mean I disagree with those who do.

Placed square in the middle.

What the hell was with the question about when women can wear white stockings? Um, when they want to? Some really strange questions.

What a stupid quiz. I hope it was a parody of other stupid quizzes. A lot of the questions were just plain stupid. I mean, what fashion have to do with political leanings?

How does knowing who Jim Cavaziel is make me more red, exactly?

Because it means you know everything there is to know about The Passion of the Christ.

Not like he’s been in any other movies or anything…

I didn’t even know he was in that movie, but I did know he was a actor :P

Hey, I’m in the middle. I guess it’s because I’m an urban midwesterner. I imagine I got a lot of those questions wrong, because I don’t know shit about NASCAR or country music, yet at the same time have no idea about what is or is not a trendy location in New York.

It’s definitely more of a “New York City” versus “Texas” quiz than anything else. As a Californian, most of the questions seemed to come from out of left field. I was ranked right in the middle, probably because I had to guess on so many of the questions.

Yeah. I took this a while ago. It’s not a good test of anything as almost everyone ends up in the middle.