Red Orchestra 2.0 (UT2K4 Mod)

Has anyone tried this out? I just finished downloading it and I’m wondering if there are any people on QT3 that are fans.

I love RO. Just spent a while downloading and trying out the latest version, and WOW it’s amazing. I’ve only played against bots, but so far it’s a blast. Worth the 400MB download.

Maybe I need to get used to it, but I was fairly dissapointed. It’s heavy on the “realism” so if you don’t know the maps it’s hard to tell what you are supposed to be doing. Also, the lack of any radar or ammo counter makes it “challenging”.

Wooo. Another ww2 mod.

I’m ecstatic.

I’m wondering if I’ve installed it properly. When you play against the bots, are they meant to walk in a group and wait for you to wipe them out. At one stage they had no weapons and I was able to pistol whip them all.
My own bots just tend to act like plane-campers in BF42 and mill around the spawn point.
Also, how do I replenish my ammo?
And finally, why play this when Forgotten Hope is around?

The RO forums say that bots are borked, and just use UT2004 legacy code. It’s unclear from the forums if single player/bottage in MP is ever going to be addressed.

Saved me a 400MB d/l


I like the idea of RO, but the execution has always left me cold. There isn’t much cover, the players move very slowly, the maps are huge, and the rifles fire laser straight. If you love giant campfest railgun wars, it is the mod for you!