Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 Available via Steam on March 14

Anyone buying this? For under $25 it looks pretty good. What’s the word?

I might. I liked the mod when it was a freebie, so if it’s cleaned up and slick-i-fied for Steam, I might well be interested.

I bought this already. I’m playing on the Tactical Gamer server (anyone whose played BF2 knows what I’m talking about ;)) as soon as its out :).

I’m damn tempted to buy this, but I might wait to see how initial impressions are for the game.

Of course that would mean missing out on the 2 dollars off for preordering it.

Didn’t realise TG was picking this up. That tempts, especially as the beta testers seem very enthusiastic about it over there.

Im not gonna pay money without playing it first, not with BF2 1.21 coming out soon (hopefully it cleans shit up) and Halo 2 to play. Any word on a free weekend like DoD?

uh, cant’ you play red orchestra now? it’s a free mod for unreal tournament 2, isn’t it?

I own no Unreal Tournament games.

Went ahead and ordered it. Looked too cool from this review of the late beta.

You can play it as a Mod for UT2004. But it leaves somerthing to be desired. I figure if it’s cleaned up a bit…might be just the thing.

I have never played as evocative a shooter.

Seeing as how the stand-alone mod is pretty good by itself, it shouldn’t be a far stretch to buy the full game.

Is this strictly multiplayer?

I think it’ll have bots but I wouldnt expect much from the single player aspect - think BF2 offline.

I played a bit of RO awhile back and enjoyed it but the community was so damn small and there was only just a handful of populated servers. On the upside the community was much more mature than the shit you find with CS and DoD. Whenever I got accidentally TK’d in RO, 99% of the time I forgave without giving a second thought and most other players did the same as well.

Jump over to DoD:S and oh man you can have some dumb twat run in front of your firing machinegun and he’ll end up punishing you for it.

Yeah don’t expect anything from the bots. If you buy it, buy it for the multiplayer.

$25 for a mod? hmm. I just must not be rolling in the money I should be.

Considering the number of hours I’ve played some mods, I wont be losing sleep over spending 25 on it.

Compare that to the number of hours I’d get out of some HL2 episode that will get released, and I’m happy with my purchase.

For those that have played this how powerful are tanks vs infantry as compared to say bf2?

Tom, this is quite a mod. But you have to play it to believe it. I’m no FPS fantatic, and it’s my fave so far.

From what I know this is almost like a new game rather than just a slightly improved RO with a price tag.

For those that have played this how powerful are tanks vs infantry as compared to say bf2?

Along the lines of WW2OL with the emphasis placed on realism. They’re very powerful but also very vulnerable if they’re caught in confined spaces without infantry to back them up.

To elaborate, the RO people are claiming full modeling of balistics and armor strengths. So you can plink away at a tank all day with small arms and do nothing. However, there are anti-tank rifles that can penetrate some of the weaker armor if you know where to hit, there’s demo charges which probably have an effect as well, probably an anti-tank class as well.

The more I read (feature hype and beta-tester hype, so perhaps not the most reliable sources), the more intriguing it sounds.