Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 Available via Steam on March 14

Anyone know if this supports widescreen resolutions?

I think Battlefield 2 and Call of Duty have spoiled me. The tactics and teamwork in Battlefield 2 was great - I love the commanders, squads, ect. I also love the pace of Call of Duty - On big servers it went a bit too fast, perhaps, but if you found a happy medium of 6v6 or 7v7 on medium sized maps, it was a lot of fun.

I like how RO is going for a more realism approach, but things just seem to crawl most of the time. To put it plainly, when you spend most of the game running from point A to point B, it’s simply not much fun for me.

I also think it’s a game that’s going to take a lot of getting used to for a new person to the series (me). I’m not going to give up on it yet, but so far for such a teamwork heavy game, but lack of good teamwork promoting features, and such a slow pace is killing it for me.

I’ve played it since early incarnations and I like it much more than games like BF2 and COD2. I guess it just depends on which games you played and got used to initially.

Yikes! The new incarnation has not been kind to me! I think it’s simply too much for my processor; verry jagged frame-rate and movement. Too bad! Played two maps, and I thought the soldiers were running around just fine! Where the spawn points are is another matter entirely and it could probably use some of the BF2 options.

It all just seems a bit flattened out for me, but with my processor chugging along like that, how can I tell?

Make sure HDR (aka bloom) is turned off. Apparently makes quite a difference on some cards.

Turning off HDR made a difference for me.

I’m interested in playing tonight but am not sure how to hook up with any of you. Are you guys playing on a particular server? I wanna drive in or shoot from a tank and use the number pad to holler things in German at you.

The fact that I just played for 30 minutes and team-killed 6 guys while killing 4 enemies means I should probably read the manual.

You’ve got to stay aware of where the lines are and where to expect the enemy from. Some of that is just experience with the map. If you’re new, don’t go off on your own, support others on your team closely. If you still can’t tell, keep them in your sights but don’t pull the trigger until you see them try to draw on you.

Good advice. It seemed that our team had TWO different kinds of uniforms, at least. I know me and some other brown guys were blazing away at some blue guys who we all assumed were spawn-camping. The TK-meter went off the chart.

I tried this game - connected to server, took the germans with the Kar (COD fan) ran about 100m and crouched behind a wall. About 10 seconds later someone is dipping and idving about 80m away so I go IS and no name pops up (like in training your teamies name appears) so I pull the trigger and get booted from server for violation of the TK rule :D
So for now its back to practice mode …

If you guys are playing on a “non-restricted” server, ping wise, then I’ll try join up. Averaging the usual 350 to 450 going overseas but its still pretty playable.

Comming from Joint Ops I love the realism side but from COD2 it does feel very slow. I think the big problem I have is I’m trying to treat it like COD2 and not as a realism sim …

To me that goes a little too far into the realism side of things when you you have to study the game for several days just to identify your teamates (evidently the tank crew has their own uniforms that look a lot like your opponents).

I remember really enjoying RO at one point while it was still a UT2kx mod but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t this hardcore. I’m happy for the RO team that they get to publish their own game but sadly I regret purchasing this now. This just isn’t any fun.

picks up ball and goes home

That’s hilarious!

Don’t despair! I am SURE that they will make it more user-friendly. They’d have to, right? With a mod it can be sink or swim. With an actual game they want people to play and buy, I’m sure they’ll make it easier.

Or maybe I’m just having the same problems and hoping. And Im liked the mod too, but boy was it hardcore. I think if I wasn’t moving in jagged leaps, it would help. And I need to read the manual!

Listen, when we all “downloaded” RO, where does it live? On the hard drive Steam is on? Somewhere else?

You guys gotta treat this like Ghost Recon in WW2, but without the threat indicator and without the name tags. Yes it is hardcore. Yes you will screw up and team kill. This just adds to the intensity IMO. There are a lot of noobs now and so it’s probably going to be frustrating until noobs either stop shooting the first thing that moves or leave to play something easier. If the game were more friendly in terms of identification it would loose some of what keeps it apart from all the other MP shooters. The firefights should be chaotic if you loose your situational awareness. Why should it hold your hand?

There are 2 Tactical Gamer servers now, at least one is kept un-passworded. I only play there.

Nah, just reading the manual once :) Also, chances are that you won’t see a tank guy just running around out there - he’ll either show up at spawn, or be in a tank.

The funky padded helmet and lack of rifle are kinda giveaways too…

I think it may be a server setting, but by default no name will pop up at more than 10-15 ft away…

I believe it’s /Program Files/Steam/Game Files/ or some such. It’ll be easy to find, it’s the biggest subdirectory under Steam.

I really like the realism, and feel badly that I was TK’ing so much. Fortunately, the people I TK’ed accepted my apologies and tried to give me hints as to how to stop. Partly I TK’ed because I was scared. Whenever I saw another infantryman running around, I assumed he was an enemy.

Sometimes I would hold fire until I was sure he wasn’t on my side, which led to the best moment of my 30 minutes: an enemy infantryman suddenly ran across a road in front of me and dove behind some sandbags. He didn’t know I was there. I snuck up on him a little bit and observed that he was aiming toward my lines. On that basis alone, I shot and killed him. He was just rising to his feet when I shot, and his body curled up and slipped onto its side. Rather than look at the “X shot Y” message in the upper right, I ran over and looked at his uniform. I was so pleased with myself that he was German and not US.

Right then, a tank shell made me a splode.

Yeah, I was impressed with the game for the first few plays, but had several bad game moments last night. The worst of which was discovering an enemy lying in the water on a map (which did not seem to drown or otherwise disturb his machine gun fire) that I could not kill. I literally stood over him and pumped SMG fire into him time and again, and it did nothing. He then just got up and ran away while I was reloading my clip.

One thing I’d love to see implimented is giving infantry the ability to glance left and right with thier heads rather than being confined to rotating your entire body.

Glancing left and right is one of the few things WW2OL does nicely. In WW2OL the Q and E keys are mapped for glancing left and right respectively and it’s a great aid in keeping your SA up without having to move your entire body with the mouse. It’s esepcially useful for deployed machinegunners as they can simply look left-right without having to undeploy like you’re forced to in RO. It’s great for seeing if someone has out flanked and charging for you.

Personally I’d also like to hear people flanking and charging for me. It’s amazing to me in these games that every average soldier apparently has the stealth skills of a ninja when it comes to running full speed behind someone and killing them.

That’s a major pet peeve of mine. Developers often seem to go with the “soft footsteps, large radius” choice instead of “loud footsteps, short radius.” I really don’t get it.

Yes. And most often, the runner being modeled is carrying about 40 pounds of gear and wearing heavy boots, making the soft footstep choice even more ridiculous.