Red Orchestra - Well, that lasted a couple of weeks

Sometimes I’m not sure why I get into multiplayer games. I am almost always disappointed by the player base, which seems to have the attention span of gnats.

My most recent favorite? Red Orchestra. I went online tonight to play, and was surprised to find only 11 available servers. Then I remembered I had filtered empty servers, and unfiltered it.

349 empty servers. 11 with some population on them. This for a “great game.” Wheeee, I’m glad I spent my $25 wisely.

Yeah, I’m a little bummed about the lack of players too. Granted, I don’t need hundreds of servers to choose from but I wonder how long this will last…

It was even worse during the mod days. Too much of a niche for it’s own good. Only the grognards and geeks who associate hardcore realism with their manhood are going to enjoy this while the rest are happily enjoying BF2.

I think it’s a decent game although I can’t stand the Robocop feel of infantry and those tank centric maps do a good job of turning a server into a ghost town.

I have no problems finding good, full servers whenever I want to play. Of course I can only hope it will stay that way in the months ahead, the original RO mod was completely dead when I played it last. As in not a single player dead.

RO will probably never have the numbers of DoD or the like, but it will always have some servers. You’ll still be able to find a game.

Yea, the drop off of players disappoints me too. The problem isn’t going to be finding populated servers. It’s going to be finding populated servers that you actually want to play on. I’ve sampled around 6 or so of the full servers that I get decent pings to and they’ve all been very quiet and seem relatively soulless as far as a sense of community goes. I really wish they hadn’t harped on how realistic the game was so much as I and a lot of the people I know mentally tack on “at the cost of fun gameplay” to anything touting a game’s realism. Regardless of how realistic the game is, it has solid gameplay mechanics and the best battlefield special effects I have seen in a game so far.

Jmr -> What do you mean by Robocop feel?

I would have to say the biggest reason is probably Oblivion. I haven’t touched Red Orchestra at all since that game came out :). Now that I beat Oblivion (110 hours? hehe) I think I’ll be giving RO a whirl again.

There’s always the option of joining or forming a clan or league to find a somewhat more reliable set of good players, but that’s definitely a lot more effort than just popping online on a whim to see what’s available.

Unfortunately, this seems to be pretty common among the more niche games. I checked the GT Legends lobby earlier tonight and there was all of nine other people on.

So far, I have no trouble finding good RO games with great communication and tense fights. Precious few annoying idiots.

Try Clan of Friends’s server. Fun folks!

Yeah I’ve actually had tremendously good luck with the community in general. 90% of the time the team I’m on has several people using voice communication to help with tactics.

Just played 2 hours on Tactical Gamer server 1. Lots of communication and strategery.

How many did they have on tonight?


This makes DDO Online look like Gemstone or some shit.

Someone translate.

I think he’s saying that DDO’s online population vastly eclipses that of RO.

That’s a complete wild-assed guess though.