Red Steel 2

So I’m pretty surprised the direction they’ve gone with the trailer. I’d think the last thing they’d want to do is tap into the prospects of the original.

Also love ‘the #1 third-party Wii launch title with the initials R.S.’ as faint praise.

‘For Internal Use Only’, eh?

There’s a great article on the game in the latest issue of Nintendo Power. I’m pretty darn excited for it. Exclusive use of Motion Plus is going to be a big plus. Early word has been very good, and the animation in gameplay is supposedly on par with what’s in this trailer.

You have total control of the sword and the gun and can switch between them at will. It’s already been favorably compared with Devil May Cry in first person.

I would think the predecessor’s reputation would only hurt a game like this. Even if it turns out to be good, I can’t imagine anyone I know who bought Red Steel wanting to buy Red Steel 2. I’ve met 3 people who told me they had Red Steel, and all three of them told me it wasn’t even worth trying it was so bad.

Maybe they would have been better off just starting a new IP.

Yeah, they probably should have just called this “SwordGun” or something. I can’t think of a less-eagerly-anticipated sequel than this one offhand.

The first one sold very well. Over a million actually. I think the name is fine.

Either way, it’s a game to watch for this Holiday season.

And I totally believe they could get it right in a sequel, because the things wrong with the first were of the sort that suggested a rushed development. I’m looking forward to the sequel and the MotionPlus myself.

I’m mostly just surprised they repeated the concept of the original trailer - the dude LARPing with his television. And specifically mentioning the first. I would’ve recommended just selling the strengths of the sequel.

I got to play an early build of Red Steel quite a few years ago, a couple weeks before E3. The thing had quite literally been developed on a GameCube dev kit and was running on one that had hardware to support the Wii Remote jury-rigged onto it.

Of course, getting to use the OMG NEW CONTROLLER back then was so awesome that a lot of the rest of the game’s roughness was lost on me. Ubisoft was about the developer at the time who would allow journalists to have hands-on time with it.

Delayed until Q1 2010. Oh, well.

Definitely waiting for positive feeback when this one comes out given how bad the first one was. I’ll need to get Motion Plus eventuality and if it comes packaged with Red Steel 2, it would be the game to get.

Anyone know if No More Heroes 2 will be using Motion Plus?

I think I remembered reading somewhere that NMH 2 won’t be on the Wii.

Edit: Hmmm, nevermind, it must have been some other game I was thinking of. NMH 2 is coming to the Wii for sure.

What you read is that NMH2 will be the last game in the series to appear on Wii. A theoretical NMH3 would appear on some other system.

I hope so. But I’ve got to imagine that it will… the control is so much better, it’d almost be criminal not to use it.

Maybe it will be ps360 natal/sonywaggle and actually look like some of the fancy-anime cinematics.