Red Steel: Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Jackman


That just looks stupid.

Looks like Robot Jox 2. Or did someone already make that?

Hahaha, when you called it Red Steel in the title for a minute I thought someone had made a movie based on that forgettable Wii game. Better this than that!

The fight…gets real! Titans…will clash! Jedi…will return!

This is straight to video, right? I mean they’re not really going to spend $100M or so making and then promoting this, are they?

Wow, this looks even worse than it sounded, which was pretty fuckin’ bad!

Hugh Jackman is one of the biggest movie stars in the world, and could probably make any movie he wants. This shouldn’t have happened.

What’s the point of fighting robots if they’re not gigantic and clumsy?

I’ve always loved the crazy fake sci-fi sports that have been brought to movies over the years, with rules that really make you wonder how the games would become as popular as they were.

It seems to me that robot boxers, that are allowed to rip arms off if the trailer is to be believed, would very quickly lead to fans wanting more weapons and bigger spectacles than just two bots in a small ring.

considering all the long term brain damage boxes receive, replacing them with robots isn’t a bad idea. But this movie still looks terrible.

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em: The Motion Picture?

Uh, it’s actually called Real Steel, isn’t it?

Looks like a Grant Imahara wet dream.

“Bring it!!!”

To his credit, Jackman sells it but I don’t think even Cuba Gooding Jr. would make this movie.

What do you mean by “make”? Based on his appearances in Daddy Day Camp and Boat Trip, I’d say Cuba Gooding Jr. has quite low standards.

Cuba Gooding Jr. would probably make a movie about a robot with robo-bowel problems if there were any money in it.

Ok, why do you make this movie and not get the Rock’em Sock’em license?

Haha, oh god. Hugh, what are you DOING?! This must be one of those “favor to a friend” movies or something. Or he lost a bet maybe?

I saw a trailer for this in front of Super 8 (along with trailers for Cowboys & Aliens, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Transformers 3. Truly an epic movie lineup.). I am in awe of whoever convinced all those people that this deserved funding, much less theatrical release. That is some smooth talkin’.

I am in awe.

It looks about as good as Over the Top?

I think they missed point. If you think about the great boxing movies, for the most part the reason they succeeded it that the audience came to care about the boxers themselves.

If you abstract that, what exactly do I give a shit about?