Red Steel

I rented this out of sheer lack of anything else that looked remotely interesting, and wow: if there’s ever a game to make you feel like the Wiimote is a useless toy, it’s this.

Never has a human being controlled more like the tank in Battlezone than in this game. And don’t even get me started on the sword fightining. Ugh.

The sword fighting does blow. The turning also blows. So does zooming in. The game needed time and work. But I think the sequel will be a big improvement.

Red Steel rocks. The swordfighting was really fun.

I wish you weren’t a liar

I love Bob, but he is a 'tard. Red Steel is the worst FPS, and possible one of the worst games, I’ve ever played.

Keep in mind Bob hates God of War.

Love ya!

Hey, I didn’t even say that Red Steel is a better FPS than Half-Life 2. And I could have.

Because it is.

This sentence hurts brain. Body…seizing. Tell my mother…HURK

Send wire…main office…tell them you said, “Agh!” Gotcha!

According to Bob, Daikatana is a better FPS than HL2, because Bob is an Unreal fanboy and I guess in order to be an Unreal fanboy you have to hate Valve or something.

It’s a pity you encounter the best level in Red Steel somewhere near the middle of the game. I just loved the “Most Dangerous Game” level. Pretty much everything before and after that is ‘meh’.

You get used to the control, but I agree that they really needed to do a lot of tweaking because it never quite feels right.

Anyone who thinks Red Steel is the worst FPS ever hasn’t played Far Cry on the Wii.

No, Daikatana sucks. Have some taste, man. Geez.

And I don’t hate Valve. Half-Life 1 was a fantastic game. It’s just too bad that the sequel was a step backwards in almost every way.

I haven’t, but I have seen videos of the gameplay. Whew. That’s bad. It has the same “my gun looks where I’m about to go!” which makes no sense in an FPS. I can’t even remember if Red Steel had straffing, or if the straffing was just broken due to the magical sideways weapons.

The sad thing is that you could do such an awesome FPS on the Wii with its controllers.

I can’t even fathom what you can possibly mean by this statement.

  • story
  • meaningless physics
  • challenging AI
  • freedom

You really think the AI in HL2 was worse than the AI in HL? And Half-Life had lot’s of freedom, did it? No, not linear at all. Despite the fact that it defined the linear FPS genre for years.

Half Life 1 was mostly quite linear, except for “On A Rail” which could be approached in a few ways. There were a couple other areas where you had some options (Blast Pit, Interloper), but overall it was not (compared to, say, Thief) a game in which the level design gave the player loads of discretion.

I guess if you want to declare HL2’s physics meaningless, you can go ahead, but I had a hoot with them. That’s meaning enough to me.

Is it even debatable? The AI in HL2 was godawful.

Oh, it was not. It just didn’t set up the kind of scripted shit that HL1 did to make you think HL1’s AI was genius.

Eh, I’m with Bob on this one. The AI in HL1 felt a lot better than HL2.