Redfall - Arkane's vampire hunting co-op opus

Yeah, they committed to bringing everything to PC a while back, if they could. The only exceptions might be if they acquire a company or studio, and they were too late in development and not doing a PC version or some weird scenario like that.

Well that’s good because Far Cry 5 and 6 were awesome in co-op and name checking Far Cry 2 specifically makes me VERY excited.

Even upcoming lists of 2023 games, seem to not know or have the wrong info on what Redfall is.

Redfall, PC, Xbox Series X/S
If it was any other studio, I wouldn’t be as interested in Redfall as I am - but it’s not any other studio, it’s Arkane. Dishonored, Prey, and Deathloop, were all (mostly) single-player experiences though, so it will be interesting to see how Arkane sinks its teeth into a co-op Left For Dead-inspired experience. I’m fascinated to see how it plays in action for myself, but for now, I’m cautiously optimistic that Redfall will live up to Arkane’s stellar reputation.
First half of 2023
-Jessica Orr

lol, poor Arkane.

It isn’t like the trailer was that much like L4D, in fact it didn’t feature any horde of enemies, I guess people thought ‘there are coop in this first person game… and the undead are the enemy (vampires, like zombies). I guess that means it’s like L4D!’.

Arkane do have a habit of letting people get very confused about the games they’re working on. It wasn’t until very shortly before launch that it was at all clear what the overarching structure of Deathloop was, even though it’s relatively simple to describe.

The slightly cartoony look reminds me of a kind of first person XCom.

From yesterday’s stream

I dunno, it still doesn’t hype me.

I feel this showing in specific wasn’t very good, a good trailer hides the fact they are playing with god mode and here I felt it was obvious there wasn’t real danger, the art style feels off to me, the combat looks ‘fine’ but not ‘good’, the way they showed some of the abilities didn’t make any sense (like using the stealth/invisibility skill and then fire a weapon revealing you two seconds later, or the robot to distract enemies wasn’t distracting enemies). All together made the trailer production feel rushed.

Then again, Arkane games usually play better than serve to make good trailers.

Please people, stop linking shitty third party low bitrate sources when original 4K sources are available

As for your criticism, I don’t disagree, it does not look particularly amazing, BUT I am really excited by the “Salem’s Lot: The Game” small town USA setting. Having it as explorable open world is immensely appealing for me. I still hope the gameplay will be good (as it always has in Arkane games).

I think we’re just used to games from Arkane having a stronger visual style. In this game, it appears the environments just look normal. They’re well-detailed, but nothing about the buildings or vehicles reflects the leaning, deco/brutalist, alternate-world aesthetic we’ve seen from previous games. This just looks like Anytown, USA, which I think was the look they were going for.

In fact, to me, the stylized characters look almost out of place in these environments.

Yes, as someone who doesn’t mind the deprecaton of the card system in Back 4 Blood, this seemed like more of the same.


That’s the hook. An open world, vampire themed Far Cry, with co-op, curated by Arkane, checks a lot of boxes for me.

The addition of a stealth system puts this way past Back 4 Blood for me. Plus if it’s totally viable to go single player, as they keep saying. But I am way behind on my Arkane games, I probably should at least try Dishonored 2 and Deathloop first!

Yeah, I’m behind on my Arkane games too. I already finished Arx Fatalis and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. I only got 3 levels into Dishonored. I need to finish Dishonored, then play Dishonored 2, Prey, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, Deathloop, and then Prey Mooncrash. I own them all except for Deathloop, but I have that through game pass.

Arkane is owned by MS now and this will be on Game Pass, is that right? If so that’ll probably get me to re-sub, especially as I’m looking at the eye-watering $70 price tag on the game. Not that I think it’s unreasonable the cost of games has increased, it’s just a bit of sticker shock. I could get ~4 months of Game Pass for the cost of the game, I’m sure I’ll be done with it before then.

That is correct, all first party MS games (so all the games in yesterday’s showcase) are day one Game Pass releases.

You should waste less time on qt3 and play more Arkane games ffs!

Ha! If only it were that easy! Most of my Qt3 time is in between tasks at work. So giving up Qt3 time would not translate to more gaming time, sadly.

I just have to bide my time right now. When my son gets a little older, I’ll be able to play more than Mario games with him, etc.

Well, here’s one way this game won’t be like Borderlands: An always online connection is required even in singleplayer per the FAQ.

Sigh, that sucks. But it’s part of game pass so I’ll be trying it out regardless.

And a Bethesda account is still required, I thought they’d get rid of that nonsense when they got rid of their launcher, but apparently not.

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