Redfall - Arkane's vampire hunting co-op opus

Yeah, my vague impression from the marketing is that its a L4D clone with some bells and whistles…

I thought it was more a Far Cry clone.

Until I watched that trailer, I thought it was a game about you playing a heroic mouse (Redwall, not Redfall…)…

I’ve been ignoring the marketing because Arkane are so terrible at just explaining what you do in their games that the trailers just raise more questions than they answer. I’ll try it when it comes out.

I guess I’m an outlier on this forum. This looks like a day one purchase for me. I’ve liked all of the Arkane titles so far (even Deathloop). I imagine that I’ll like this also.

I don’t want to imply that I’m not interested, since I’ve also enjoyed Dishonored/Prey/Deathloop games, but I’m just a bit apprehensive if this game is actually in line with those as opposed to the L4D format.

Nobody really knows, that’s the problem, their marketing is truly awful. But it’s on game pass so it isn’t like that matters.

The most direct comparisons the devs have made, is that the game is much more like Far Cry than L4D. Far Cry with Borderlands abilities and loot is what I’ve picked up from it so far.

Far Cry with abilities and loot sounds really good to me. Much more so than another L4D style game (just personal preference, I haven’t enjoyed any of those).

There have been a bunch of comparisons, yeah. My feeling is it started out being Left5Dead and they sharply pivoted given negative feedback. Not that people didn’t love L4D, but why waste Arkane dev time on that when they could be making an immersive shooter? So they compromised and ended up with an open-world hybrid sort of thing which may or may not work. It’s all really low stakes since it’s on Game Pass anyway.

Yep, I’ll be checking it out regardless thanks to Game Pass. I honestly haven’t ever played an Arkane game, because until now their games (at least the one’s I’m aware of) haven’t had co-op. So will be interesting to see how I like it.

Apart from anything else the Far Cry clone market seems well served by The Division: Heartland and xDefiant along with well… Far Crys 3 through 6 :)

xDefiant is nothing like Far Cry, in the slightest. It’s more Counterstrike/Call of Duty

Wait, did this release? How did I miss that?

no it did not.

Do any of those games have open-world outpost assaults that you takeover permanently like Far Cry? I love that gameplay.

Not as far as I gleaned from what’s on their website. Heartland looks like more Division in a smaller town setting, and xDefiant is a first person multiplayer shooter.

Outpost assaults are my jam, I love sneaking up to those things, taking out the alarms, then silently popping heads from a mile out. Other games need to offer this.

Breakpoint had that going for it.

Project IGI 2’s first mission was my first real experience with exactly this. IGI 1 had similar missions, but far too linear and frustrating. IGI 2 was much more open-world, and it kinda blew my mind back in 2003. I tried playing it again recently, and it doesn’t really hold up. But wow, back then I was in love with that game, or rather that mission. That first mission is really the only mission I can remember from that game. IIRC, it wasn’t as good after that.

And then came Far Cry the following year of course.