Redfall - Arkane's vampire hunting co-op opus

Looks more like a L4D co-op shooter with variable player powers rather than a borderlands looter shooter.

Unlike L4D though, they claim you can play it single player. And given their pedigree, I want to believe that!

But L4D and L4D2 both claimed otherwise.

Yeah, we’ll see. I’d like to think Arcane can pull it off somehow.

Yeah, one of the prime features of L4D1/2 is that is designed around coop, so you cover each other and etc. You can’t play it alone, as there are special zombies that trap you and then its’ game over. Which is why in single player you have the bots.

Here, they say it can be played in single player, and there are no bots. That means is more ‘relaxed’ style of coop, closer to say, Borderlands.

That sounds way better to me!