Rediculous Router Request: WRTP54G

Yeah, you came in here all smug, thinking “I know all about the WRT54G!” BUT LOOK HERE! This is the WRTP54G router, one I got for free that I’ve been using fine for a long time. And only now have I realized that its port forwarding doesn’t work because the firmware it has is broken.

So, the obvious answer? Update the firmware! Easier said than done.

Linksys put its name on this, but it’s actually a Vonage router. Linksys barely handles anything with this thing. And all the Vonage directions on how to flash the thing say “turn off the wireless, and then reset the router. The power light will blink for a while, and then it’ll be updated.” But that doesn’t work!

I think I need to be a Vonage customer for that to work, but I have no clue. And the manual updating tool doesn’t seem to work in Windows 7. And I can’t find a way to actually point the router to the img file that contains the update. Does anyone have any clue what to do with this piece of junk? Am I just screwed?

EDIT: Please note the funny spelling.


This request is rediculous.

Try one of the methods described here: The simplest way is probably the one under “Using the Web Interface”.

Honestly, I both don’t understand that, and think it only works for later versions of the firmware. I have 1.00.18, and that is a REALLY early version, one that doesn’t automatically update because it is so buggy.

I downloaded a tool, CYT Unlocker, which people use to access the firmware flashing section of the router control panel, but again, this firmware is so old that the program can’t handle updating this router.

So, I called Vonage to see what they know:
Apparently the password is unique per router until you start an account and it contacts their severs at which point the password resets AND it downloads the latest firmware.

So, I guess I need a vonage account. Which I won’t be getting.