Redshirts (by John Scalzi) gets a TV deal

Early days yet, but I’m excited. Maybe this will get production moving on the Old Man’s War adaptation that is also somewhere in development hell.

I think the meta layers of this are going to make my head explode. I can only hope they liberally break the 4th wall.

And since this show will be done on a budget, they will make maximum haste to get to Earth to avoid as much as possible paying for crappy spaceship CGI. But it could in theory be funny.

It occurred to me that since Archer is also on FX, they might be able to get Adam Reed’s crew on board and do it as an animated series. The announcement doesn’t specify live-action or animated, but it does mention the producers as a couple of guys who’ve worked in live-action TV so I’m guessing it’s just assumed. Still, it’s a cool thought and I think they’d be able to do it justice (especially if they got Jon Benjamin to voice one of the bridge crew).