I’m not a huge comic reader, nor especially a Superman fan but this really pulled my strings.

A What if… version of Superman that has him land in Russia rather than the US.

Complete with Wonder Woman and an alternate Batman it’s an interesting take on the Superman story but despite being relatively recent, does seem to fixate on the US notion of the USSR being bent on world domination (though with the caveat that Superman still believes he is acting as a force for good).

If you’re going to be making statements so fundamentally, completely, utterly wrong and clueless as that it was a “US notion” that the USSR was bent on world domination, you really should be doing it in P&R.

It always amazes me how smarmy revisionism has now practically defined the threat the USSR posed the vast majority of Europe as laughable cold war paranoia.

If it was written in the 80s or even 90s then I could understand it somewhat, but it has been clear since then that for a long time before the collapse of the Soviet Union that it was a house of cards waiting to fall.

I will grant that much of it is set from the 50s onwards when the perceived and perhaps real threat of the intention of the Soviet Union towards expansion was far greater, but in more recent years I suspect it’s real intention was survival over world domination.

[edit] I just find it interesting the US superman rescues cats from trees in a nation not noted for its reticence at forcibly promoting its Ideology. The Russian superman, whilst still believing he is acting as a force for good takes over the world. Though to be fair, US superman never becomes President and perhaps therefore never falls foul of the old adage that power corrupts.

I liked Red Son alot. I thought they did a good job with the ending. I was disappointed when the recent Lex Luthor mini-series featured a Lex Luthor that was awfully similar to the Red Son version.

I’m not entirely sure what that sentence means. However, I can modify it by saying that their “real” intention was survival by world domination.

I was really interested in reading it from the moment I heard about the premise. I think it’s really cool way to re-think Superman. I thought it was really well done. Definately an interesting take on him.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Flat mate threw it at me the other night and I was less than impressed when he told me it was a Superman comic but the introduction intruiged me and it hasn’t let me down.

i especially liked the part where the guy tries to off himself, but superman catches the bullet. reminds me of a perry bible fellowship comic and the mr. incredible lawsuit.

green lantern’s fantasies were just f–ked up though.

My friend couldn’t stop laughing at Batman’s hat.

It’s great. Read it.

Fantastic ending.

“Would like to change the rest of the world’s governments to communism” isn’t quite the same thing as “bent on world domination,” you know.

Communists I know feel Stalin betrayed the cause of international communism.