Regency Solitaire (Bella & Bleakly sitting in a tree - Oh NO - it mustn't be)


Saw an article on RPS on this game, currently 8.99 on steam (10% off)

Can you save Bella from having to marry the awful Mr Bleakly?

So far the best word I have for the game is: quaint. :)

The game has variations of the solitaire game golf (think Fairway Solitaire), and tells a story as you progress. You are awarded for good combos or chains.

It has some interesting twists to play as well. You can purchase items doing the game that give some special powers/abilities when playing.

Very light type filler but I am enjoying it between rounds of Hex and other games.


Not sure who this game is aimed at. I got it cheap from a key seller (boo!), and the card part is enjoyable enough, but the story is something I have to skip. And there’s this big button to send the background scenery to your desktop . . . Who on earth would want to do that? I mean, the graphics look fine, but they’d make for kinda lame desktop wallpaper. But yeah, the card bit is fun enough.

I’ve only played Fairway and Fairy Solitaire and now this one, but I’ll have to investigate other games in the genre and find out which are the most and least lame.


Gridiron Solitaire has had some positive buzz from other QT3ers, may be worth a look.


Yes, the game is a re-skin of Faerie Solitaire or certainly looks like one.

I forgot about Gridiron Solitaire I will have to take a look at the game again.


The developer of this game (Regency Solitaire) used to work at BigFish games, and he is the guy who made the original game that Faerie Solitaire copied, so I guess if anyone is allowed to do it, its him :D The original game was called Fairway solitaire.


Well, shit, now I’m totally disposed to buy this just to support this hero of a developer.


I have to give him credit, different versions of the a game but I think they are interesting (well at least the two I have played - Fairway which was awesome & this one which is good).


The makers of Regency Solitaire are working on their next game, a single-player card-battling game with a 17th Century story. It’s called Shadowhand.



I bought Regency Solitaire for my mother, who is a Regency fanatic. She loves it.


The release date for Shadowhand finally announced!

At long last we are proud to announce that Shadowhand will release on Thursday 7th of December for $14.99 with a 10% launch discount. It won’t be in the Steam Winter Sale because of Valve’s discounting rules, so please bear that in mind.


And it’s coming. Really!


FWIW This is released now :)


Awesome, I’ll be diving in this weekend (if I can drag myself off Xenoblade).

However I do get a nagging feeling that a few patches may be needed, purely based on how they slapped together half the levels and added a bunch of mechanics over the period of the final couple months.


Just tried out Shadowhand, and I really like it. I was already a fan of Regency Solitaire, and I like the new mechanics of the duels and equipping gear. Nice evolution of the core solitaire game.