Region-Coding on DVD's

Is there any way to play Region 2 DVD’s on American PC DVD drives? Does anyone have any advice as to what to use? I want to buy a Japanese DVD and I was wondering if there are any potential snags I should avoid. Thanks in advance.

VLC used to be a rock solid recommendation, but I see now that their FAQ says…

So if you can find out if your DVD drive is RPC1, you could use VLC.

Most DVD drives will allow you to change the region 5 times before the region gets locked permanently. So if this is a one time thing you can change the region in the drive settings. However, if you have a need to see DVDs from many regions frequently there is a product, DVD Region Free which will make all drives look multi region. I’ve used it in the past and it works well.


If you cant get your retailed Region 2 DVDs to work…

You could always search on the internet.
Bonus feature of having the DVD on hard-drive: Go directly to the VIDEO instead of having minutes of warnings, no need for useless and time-consuming menu system, no unskippable advertisements.

  • double click
  • enjoy

How movies should have been to begin with.

I haven’t tried this software: RegionKiller, my Plextor PX-708A plays region 2 DVD’s fine.

Also, you might be able to make your DVD player region free.

The simplest way is to buy a second DVD drive and use it for R2 discs. No software hacking, changing settings (past the initial one), etc.

Another option, if it’s just one disc, strip the region coding in the ripping process. DVDShrink will do it, and I’m sure other programs offer that option as well.

Ooh, thanks for the ideas. DVDShrink sounds simple enough, and I already have it. It’s too bad about VLC too, though I’ve noticed it’s much slower than it has to be in starting up any DVD, which is strange to me.

My favorite is Slysoft’s AnyDVD. It is a very simple program that runs in the background and disables the region coding on the dvd. That’s all.

Even better!