Regulating Recess

Regulating Recess

In the name of making things safe, and equal for kids, recess is being monitored more closely for games that can hurt other kids. But it seems that things have gone too far when even tag or puching another kid on a swing is deemed unacceptable. Don’t the adults have any sense of balance?

And thus another generation of increasingly litigious and pussified adults is created.

I would worry more about the stifling of creative thinking, and socialisation. I was one of the geeky types as a kid. And yes, I was occasionally picked on. But I don’t think it has hurt my self-esteem. And learning to cope with the realities of life starts at an early age.

I want to know the rest of the rules to “Switched.”

Well Pussified is a good thing, at the very least. We don’t need more hot headed people in this world.

Except “pussified” people also tend to be the most hot-headed. Growing up having others being responsible for your safety and well-being rather than yourself tends to bring a rather large sense of entitlement with it.

Being forced to pick yourself up after you fall off the monkey bars and told by your mother, “that’s what you get,” when you do something stupid tends to build a person willing to fix their own problems and not foist them upon others.

All in my personal opinion, of course.

Aaaaaaaand this is when I start to hate “liberals”.

Excellent post. I couldn’t agree more that America seems to need a shot of responsibility.

Ah, I am operating under a different definition of “pussified.” I agree with all of that which you have said.