Rehnquist dead

CNN just broke in on normal programming with the report.

That Bush will do anything to deflect the spotlight off himself.

What a week…

Guess that explains where Cheney’s been.

Mastermind Rove planned it all. First the hurricane to distract from some unlucky events in Iraq. Then the LA state-level response was inadequate to make everyone upset about conditions in New Orleans and bring the country together in solidarity for the victims. Then the federal troops get to swoop in and save everyone and get people to cheer for the military. Then in order to distract everyone from the racism discussion, the Chief Justice is surreptitiously knocked off. Then, John Roberts gets confirmed without anyone noticing, because the focus is on all these other things. It’s diabolical. One can only wonder what he has up his sleeve to tilt the scales in the CJ replacement debate. It’s hopeless for the Democrats. There are Rove operatives everywhere. Evil is manipulating everything the good guys do and the good guys never win. The Cylons look like us now. Maybe even the president is secretly a Cylon. Wait a minute, he’s openly a Cylon; never mind. Maybe it’s Hillary who’s the Cylon.

Well Rollory, I like you and that wasn’t all that funny. :)

I thought it was funny.

I guess I’m just too moderate. :)

I didnt think it was funny because its believable. :(

Rehnquist was one of the first examples that they threw out there for me of someone living and succeeding at life with thyroid cancer. I didn’t agree with him on a lot of things politically but I am sorry to see him go.

With the administration policy of promoting the incompetent this is the perfect opportunity to nominate:

[size=7]Michael D. Brown[/size]

Pat Robertson prayed for more vacancies on the Supreme Court and now God has whacked William Renquist. I’ll never doubt the power of prayer again. I only hope this sates Robertson’s consuming thirst for judicial blood.

I wonder if this combined with Katrina means he’ll be giving Edith Brown Clement a second look.

So Roberts is going to be chief justice as well? Can i get a hearty wtf?

I need to dig out my post of predictions from about a year ago. Say bye to abortion ladies, cause it’ll be gone before Bush leaves office.

Can we start dusting off all the Jesusland jokes again yet?

Even if he’s the Chief Justice, the rest of the Supreme Court Justices will call him “Junior” until they day they die.

How else would the Chief Justice be chosen? Is it a seniority thing or at the President’s discretion?

President’s discretion.