Rehnquist's Pajamas

You guys are reading too much into this.
Rehnquist couldn’t sleep and was given a perscription for a sedative sleep aid. He grew dependent on it and needed to take more of it to sleep. His doctor prescribed a large dose, even though it was habit forming. Comming off of these kinds of sedatives is known to be difficult.
Until the 90’s there were no other types of ‘safe’ sleep aids and addiction to sedative sleep drugs was quite common. Sort of like addiction to amphetamine diet drugs in the 60’s and 70’s.
How many of you guys take Ambien, Sonata, Lunesta or anyother of the myraid of sleep drugs out there? How many people take them for more than a week or two?

->Actual Karen

Yeah, how come you guys are so focused on his understandable but still not great drug problem, and you’ve ignored the part where he was intimidating black would-be voters?

It’s completely impossible to get people to care about that one. The drug use one people will at least talk about without degenerating into partisan arguments.