Reid invokes the Nuclear Option

This is the kind of hardball I want to see to counter the GOP. “If they bring a knife to the fight, you bring a gun.” If the Democrats are as committed to their agenda as the GOP is to theirs, they need to start fighting back with everything they have, rather than rolling over and saying “but they’re MEAN!!”

McConnell and the GOP are having a hissy fit over this - about time.

Man, reading the first comments page just made me raise my eyebrows and giggle.

epic tears in the future:

Doesn’t it though? Coming from the people who held the nation ransom over the debt ceiling.

Admittedly, I’d have been happier if he had simply removed the filibuster and made a cloture vote immediately bring something to a straight up-down vote. But… the tears are hilarious.

Jesus it’s about time.

What’s hilarious/depressing is that this isn’t “nuclear” at all. It has nothing to do with the filibuster, Reid just decided not to allow the GOP to engage in a new form of delaying that (I gather) they haven’t tried until now.

All of the Senate’s delaying tactics just benefit the status quo. Baiting the GOP into junking as many as possible is to the left’s benefit.

BFD. This should have been happening years ago.

Yeah, I was actually pretty excited when I did my nightly check of The Hill and saw the headline, then saw it wasn’t the full blown strategic nuclear, more of a conventional bunker buster.

Still, about time indeed that the Democrats showed some spine and punched the playground bully in the nose.

Yeah I agree. It’s sad that it took them this long to get that fed up about it. Also it’s pretty hilarious just how hard Republicans are looking for new ways to delay.

You get the behavior you reward - the GOP has learned that their tactics have worked and that the Democrats usually just complain and back down. That’s why watching them howl over this is so delightful. Perhaps Reid et al will get enough plaudits from their supporters it will embolden them.

Can the democrats be any less worthless? Seriously? If they had done this when they had a majority in the house it would have useful, they could have actually passed their agenda. Instead they do it when they have zero-zip-nada power, the only effect will be to rally the Republican base.

Such a comically worthless party. Horrible. Worst party, ever.

Don’t think that’s the phrasing you’re after there.


The comments to the story are so awesome.

There goes the Republic.

Reid and the Terrorist Talibocrats have proven themselves to be the 2nd coming of the Soviet Union. The American people will rise to throw the extreme leftest terrorist liberals out on the a$$es and into jail for treason.

The modern day SS of the left has steooed into the light.

Demote the Marxist dictator Hairy Roid
(I love that. Hairy Roid? That insult doesn’t even make sense)

Bet the Marxist king of BS will support this move by the “Liberal Gustapo Politburo”.

Reid is a TYRANT. He belongs in jail with all the other gangster big government Democrats.

Time for revolution against this horrible Presidency and it’s Liberal/Marxist/Communist allies.

Kill the Democrats!

And then my favorite exchange – some guy posts:

you all sound like a bunch of unhinged jerk offs. get a grip

and the very next comment is:

Mao and Stalin would be proud of Dingy Harry. These type of tactics are all these psychopathic Leftists know. If they had their way, Obama’s “Jobs” bill would include billions for union jobs building re-education and death camps.

I weep for this country.


The right wing enjoys combining evil organizations with the words “Liberal” and “Democrat”. I think it started back in the 90s when Limbaugh created the term “Feminazis” and everyone wanted to be cool like Rush. Sadly, it never stopped.

No different then the left calling folks Teabaggers really. The problem is the official left has gotten way too complacent over the past few years.

I think Occupy Wall St. has had an affect here- it’s given the Dems a little bit of backbone, they are now realizing there are people to the left of them out there, and they’re not happy.

I just hope the new left-wing populists out there decide it’s a better idea to co-opt the Democratic party instead of splintering off. That’s the quickest ticket to success.

Also if the Reps win the senate in 2012 (I’d put odds at 60%), they’d invoke the nuclear option immediately- no matter what the Dems did. It’s known they won’t play by the rules, I just found it annoying that the Dems were willing to play the rules the other side wouldn’t follow.

Soviet Talibocrats. Because, you know, the Taliban and the USSR were thick like thieves.

Isn’t “The Talibocrats” the punchline to that secret awesome super-dirty joek that all comedians learn as part of their initiation to the comedian secret society?