Reimpose the 55mph speed limit!?

Being fossil fuel himself, Warner knows the best way to conserve oil. Sorry, that wasn’t meant to be political. I’m just angry at the thought of this law.

I… I can’t.

… drive …

As long as they make this apply to gasoline powered cars only, I’m all for it! When I’m zipping around in my tesla roadster, see ya, suckers!

You game programmers really do get paid too much.

Well I don’t have one yet. But I’d love the chance to just skip IC vehicles altogether and jump straight to pure electrics.

But-but my fiancee’s Mustang has its optimal gas milage at 80 mph!

It really does though, it can squeeze nearly 30 MPG while it’s rated at 20 (highway) if you keep it at that sustained speed.

Yeah, I think that’s a problem with using something that was meant for the 70s. A lot of cars today probably have different cruising speeds. Still, the studies cited in that article (well, less studies than website info) suggest that driving less than 60 mph does lead to better efficiency, as a rule.

Double nickels on the dime!

Speed limits may as well be completely unenforced anyway. This changes nothing.

Wasn’t this already declared unconstitutional?

Did the forefathers believe a man could flip his car over at sharp turns howsoever he may wish?

There is savings at 55 over 70 (or 90), but the savings come at a cost of significantly greater drive time. I remember driving in the days of the double nickle, and how much it sucked. I say bring on the autobahn!

More like the tenth amendment.

I’d be surprised if a limit really increased mileage with any car made this decade. Maybe with large trucks and other things which aren’t very aerodynamic. If there is a number, it’s probably higher.

No. Federal speed limits were lifted by Congress in 1995. The courts were not involved.

Reimpose? It’s never changed in the part of VA that I live in. :( I think that was the biggest adjustment I had to make when I moved here from CA and having a 65 speed limit.

And as far as constitutionality, the way the federal government mandated it before was withholding federal dollars for highway maintenance unless the state adopted the lower speed limit.

65, there are still people in the US stuck at 65?

75 FTW baby. 80 before you get a ticket :)

It’s more about RPMs than speed. If your car can maintain 80 at low RPMs, it’ll get better mileage than if you need higher RPMs to maintain 60.

Yeah, it goes up to 75 in CA on the rural interstates, but 65 most everywhere else. But here in VA it’s still 55, I think it may go to 65 on rural interstates.