Erik’s favorite push a guy down the stairs game, Porrasturvat, now has a sequel that adds so much more to the original.

You thought you liked stair dismount. You just never played truck dismount.

Thanks for the hint. Had quite some fun with Porrasturvat as well ages ago.

Wow, I just did a very gruesome one. I chose the position that puts the guy in front of the truck. So he gets run over, which does a fair amount of damage, but then the truck hits the wall and the front end bounces up while the truck is knocked back, driving the rear axle of the truck into the guy’s neck. It stretched his invisible rubberband neck about three heads its normal length. And then it snapped back instead of off.

I can’t believe there’s no way to save the initial parameters so you can share.

Maybe this will work.

  1. Make a backup of your scores.dat file.
  2. Download mine (click here)
  3. Start up the program, open the high score list, and click the replay button of the 31,259 score.

Somebody try this and let me know if it works.

Works. My current highscore is 52565, but it’s not really spectacular. (score file up soon).

EDIT: Up it is.

Wow, thats remarkably similar to my 51,000 point score.

edit: its possible to get the guy stuck in the winshield. Put him on the hood, and turn the windshield on and he gets stuck and spins around and stuff.

I’ve had some nice variations on a slow grind of the man’s head against the blocks at low speed for about 70,000.

As in Porrusturvat, it’s amazing how the slightest variation in parameters can result in wildly different outcomes.

I had no idea windshields could increase damage potentials by 2 or 3 times. I’m removing the windshield from my car right away.

You can also place a block in a certain way under the man when he’s in the 6th position (middle of the screen), and he will somersault at the beginning. Haven’t been able to make it work to my advantage yet, though.

Yeah, tried that as well and haven’t found an effective way for high scores with that approach. It gives you a small boost right at the beginning. However, running over him and ‘ditching’ back again usually doesn’t result in a score comparable to a situation where you have him sitting in/on the truck at least as far as I’ve seen it.

Man how do people get 6-digit scores? I tried this and got up to 60K (using a flip the truck and bounce the guy around inside the cab approach) and downloaded the online scores to see that some guys have gone up as high as 210K (!).

What are you best techniques thus far?


Heh, this thread could give one a somewhat ‘weird’ impression of the game (and the people who play it) if you don’t know what it is about.

I don’t see how knowing about the game makes it any less weird. If anything, it makes it even weirder. It’s still amusing, though.

I’m thinking there might be potential with the guy sitting on the cab, then wedging himself between the cab and the trailer, but I haven’t been able to exploit that successfully yet. I can get him to slide in there pretty nicely, but it’s hard to get a collision that makes him jitter a lot in there without popping out…

Also if you start the guy in position 6 standing on the top edge of a ramp he magically flies/spins in the air before the truck gets near him.

Possibly I shouldn’t have tried this game for the first time with my little 12 year old brother in the room. What have I done.

Nevermind the Truck Dismount game, try out this NWS boob physics game:

Delete the ./data/NO-XRATED file for nudity.

This is sick and a hell of a lot of fun.

Woo! 88145 :) Guy in the cab, one centred ramp far forward (to the wall) as you can have it and full power. It was great, the guy bounced around in the cab then fell out quite high up next to the wall. Then the truck landed flat on it’s side on top of him netting me another 20K. Addictive little game.

This has made me play a lot more Porrasturvat than Rekkasturvat.