Release date question

Anyone know when these two games are coming out? I read rave previews of them in Computer Games magazine many months ago, and want to get my hands on 'em:

  • Delta Green
  • Silent Storm

And I never did hear the final word on that first-person Cthulhu adventure game. Last I heard the publisher went out of business or turned it down. Is it gone for good?

Thanks for any info ye experts can provide!

Answering my own questions, after a little web research. Here’s a quote from the developer of Delta Green on their web forum:

“We’ve worked really hard for the last year on Delta Green, and traveled all over the place to talk to publishers. They keep saying it’s a cool game, but then they keep saying no. Our hope is that next year, with the self-published Pirates of the Burning Sea under our belt, we can go back to those publishers with more clout and get Delta Green moving again.”

Yikes, dammit. I didn’t realize that Computer Games magazine had previewed a game that didn’t have a publisher yet.

And Nival has no release date for Silent Storm beyond “2003.”

As for the Cthulhu game, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, Headfirst’s website says “Summer, 2003.”

So there. Thanks for the help, ASSHOLES! Just kiddin’. :-)

Last thing I heard about Call of Cthulhu was that last year, after the announcement that JoWood was buying out Ravensburger Media (which owned Fishtank Interactive, the intended publisher of Call of Cthulhu rocked the German game industry, Headfirst split off from Fishtank/Ravensburger/JoWood and attempted to sue Fishtank on some allegations that Fishtank denied. Headfirst then struck off on its own–apparently, they don’t have a publisher for Call of Cthulhu, but they’re still working on it, and still releasing updates on their website.

As for Silent Storm, that was another Fishtank game. CDV apparently has some publishing deal with Nival, so maybe they’ll publish Silent Storm, rather than JoWood. I just hope Silent Storm actually happens, since it sounds like a WWII version of Jagged Alliance 2 with better graphics.