Release Date thread #561 (SC: Chaos Theory)

Ok, I know we’ve run this into the ground. Usually, a game says something like “Ships 7/x/05” and that means you can actually find it in stores on 7/x+1/05. We’ve all been over that. The other “usually” is that usually, that ship date is a Tuesday and you can get it on a Wednesday.

Well Chaos Theory has today, 3/28/05 as a ship date. That caught me totally off guard. So will it really be in stores tomorrow? The whole “actually being in a store on Tuesday” idea is throwing me off, but EB and Gamestop’s websites both have 3/28/05 as a ship date. Does anyone have a more reliable source, or just other sources to confirm 3/28/05 as ship date and the likelihood of it being in stores tomorrow? I’d hate to have to spend another day accidentally playing God of War, Phantom Dust, and World of Warcraft when I could be playing Chaos Theory instead. Ha. Seriously though, I just don’t like driving to the store.

You can call before you leave the house. 8)

Thank god, the patch is finally out, and it’s only 78MB. Wait… the game isn’t out yet you say? What happened to QA?


Any word if a patch over Live will be required for the Xbox version? I’m leaning toward XBox over PC for this game for multiplayer reasons.

Monday ship dates aren’t that uncommon. If it says it ships today then it’ll probably be there tomorrow. You really have to call, though. Not every store gets their shipment at the same time.

Doesn’t Microsoft really frown on Xbox Live patches? Like they need to be game-crippling?

I’m sure that when we go online with Live the first time it might need to “update the title,” but that only usually takes about 30 seconds and then the game restarts and you’re good to go.

30 seconds to download 80mb on a AAA console game? You’re dreaming…

Ok, so what are you talking about? I just assumed you meant there was a PC patch already. I’m saying there won’t be anything at all like that (if you’ve heard different or had some evidence in the first place, link away), and at most all Xbox users will have is a quick 30 second download. Most Live games have them, I always just assume it’s last minute network things, something simple like maybe a server list that gets downloaded that wouldn’t have been available at disc-pressing time (and subject to change later). I was mainly responding to Jose and Mike.

Got my copy this morning from EB (had it overnighted), so I guess it really did ship yesterday.

Yeah I just picked up mine at Gamestop.

Yep, mine is in my hands as well, (actually in my xbox), so it must have arrived today. This was basically just a worthless post to give me an excuse to brag. NEENER!

For those with a Fry’s near them- All four versions of Chaos Theory are on sale this week for $37.99.

Also, Circuit City is offering the PC version this week for $37.99 but the console versions are $49.99.

Got mine too! After a ridiculous line in the EB because the debit swiper was funky, and losing a hubcap after some jackass ran me onto the curb on the way back through campus, but I got the game! Now I have to look at it for a while as motivation to get this paper written first. I am going to go see if it makes me patch anything though :)

Oh sure, just test that out. And make sure the game loads, you don’t want to find out you got a bad copy after the store closes. Maybe just play through the first level. Unless it’s a training level, then you play the second one to be absolutely sure.

Ugh, game tax! You have to pass an “exam” to play online. It’s simple enough I think, but I don’t have time right now.