Relic's Space Marine

I just bought an Xbox 360 controller so I can start playing the PC versions of this game and Darksiders (and maybe even X-com) from the couch.

Am I correct in assuming that this game plays better with a game pad than a mouse and keyboard?

hmm I played the entire game with KB+M , was fine. Multiplayer in this game was so much fun, I wonder if its dead now. :(

Pretty much.

Having long ago abandoned the GW tabletop games to poor game design and greed, I still enjoy the universe in novels or video games. To that end I really liked Space Marine as one of the better ways to walk in ‘the grim, dark future where there is only war.’ I suppose it could be a turn off to some, but that seems like looking at a Superman game and nit picking that some guy with crazy powerful abilities thought it was a good idea to throw on spandex and a cape while adhering to a Pleasantville level wierd goody two shoes personality. But admittedly I am biased as my game names are derived from a fascination with WH40K Chaplains and a love for Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin movies.

I played it with joypad on PC and really liked it that way.

The game play on this is decent enough, but I think Relic fell into the trap thinking just because something is decent that must mean we need to give the player a while bunch of it. If each level were about half as big I’d be happy. It’s nice when they throw a curve ball in there, like working the turret on the Valkyrie. I’m on chapter 12 out of 17, about 8 hours of playtime and I wish things were moving along faster. It’s a shame, because the game is OK.

Wow, I’d forgotten this existed. From this thread, it seems I really enjoyed the demo, but only for gameplay reasons. I did eventually buy the game when it was in the bargain bin. But never got around to playing it.

If they add it to Backwards Compatibility, I’ll likely play it. It sounds like I had a lot of fun with the demo on Hard difficulty.

This game is just the best. I played through a couple of times and dabbled with the multiplayer. Between this and Dawn of War 2 I was made a WH40K convert. Would be cool to get on 360 back compat, though.

i thought the story was over too soon but some of the levels dragged in repetitiveness.

This game definitely captured the feeling, or at least what I imagine that feeling is, of being a big lumbering Space Marine armed to the teeth. I don’t think I ever beat the end boss. I couldn’t Hammer-Whack everything quickly enough and just got overwhelmed :(

The Multiplayer on it was pretty fun though. There’s something satisfying about using a assault jump pack to hammer-whack someone into the ground.

Finished. I had to try that final conflict 3-4 times.

Maybe I would have liked it more if I were a big Warhammer fan. It was OK. It definitely could have used more variety, both in enemies and moreso in the environments. They did do a decent job in creating parts of the game where different tactics we needed.


Oh wow, my already existing copy of Space Marine got auto-upgraded to this new Anniversary Edition. Time to reinstall and see what the Emperor hath bestowed upon me.

I played on Xbox :( Only stopped playing because they gave up on balancing multiplayer. It was soooo fun, but devastators were so good if I recall.

Huh, I was looking through my backlog earlier today thinking about how much I enjoyed this game. Anyone know if all the DLCs in the anniversary edition multiplayer or is there any single player stuff in there? May be worth a reinstall.

Thanks for pointing this out!

I played through the single-player campaign and dabbled in some multiplayer when this first came out. Didn’t really follow what the DLCs added.

Now there’s a horde mode? I need to look into this.

I loaded this up because of the Anniversary Edition and to my delight it seems to support super ultra wide (32:9). How is it this 10 year old game does this but not most games today? I have to jump through hoops to make Fallout 76 and Warhammer: Inquisitor support that resolution.

The Emperor provides.

Same here. But I checked Steam, and I own the anniversary edition there as well, apparently. It must have been part of a bundle or something.

Does it unlock all of the wargear gated behind multiplayer achievements?