Relic's using Company of Heroes to support the Canucks

Looks like my former colleagues are keeping it real for the boys in blue.

ahem Go Canucks Go!

I hear they’re going to nerf Anaheim in the next patch.

  • Alan

I certainly hope so, after last night’s debacle.

Was the debacle that hockey is still being played? I heard they bumped the playoff game to get a rerun of Martha Stuart’s Living aired.

Hi Tim!

At least hockey is better than basketball. I don’t want anything to do with a sport where you can’t get away with crushing someone’s ribcage into a wall or routinely starting fist-fights without serious career consequences.

Hey Tranj. Diss hockey at your peril, sir!

Doesn’t everyone know, hockey is the best sport on television. Closely seconded by women’s volleyball, if only for the short shorts.

Don’t be confused by DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball either. Real professional beach volleyball is not nearly that fun to watch, since the women look like skinny overly tanned men with braided hair.

Depends on who you’re watching; some of them are really not that skinny.

— Alan