Religious Right = Fanboys?

The filibuster deal has shed some interesting light on the workings of the hard right Republicans. After the centrists in the senate made the deal, Frist was severely chastised by the religious right and extreme conservatives. This has probably hurt his chance at the '08 nomination badly. The gist of the situation is that Frist made it a holy war, that not approving his judges is the same as bashing religion. So the right wing supporting him wanted him to completely succeed. He needed to get all of his judges confirmed, and he needed to stop the dems from being able to counter any nominee by the administration. With the deal in place, he has pretty much utterly failed at this. He’s managed to get a couple of judges in, but the fact is the deal hurts the Republicans (From the right wing point of view) a lot more. So Frist is seen either as a sellout or incompetant by his block of religious fanatics.

I think this closely parallels the fanoby/director paradigm when it comes to comicbook type movies. Imagine Peter Jackson as the leader and his support coming from LOTR fanboys. A lot of the more radical ones think very poorly of him, due to certain compromises he made to have the films appeal to a mass audience (like a politician should). The cutting of the scouring and Tom Bombadil outraged a lot of the hardcore. The same goes with other movies, like Spiderman’s organic web shooters, or Batman’s costume. The zealots, like the religious zealots they parallel, want ALL their demands met. The guy who tries and can’t deliver is in many ways viewed as far worse than someone who doesn’t try at all. So, the religious fundies are like fanboys who are pissed that the deal doesn’t include EVERY judge, that the democrats have a vestige of power, that they won’t get a court that will overturn Roe, that the evil democrats aren’t punished. Hopefully, the very vocal minority (Fundies) will continue to be about as important a market segament as the other vocal minority (Fanboys), and we’ll get more policy aimed at the middle, rather than trying to appease a reactionary few at the expense of the many.

Interesting. I thought it just brought out the total lack of tolerance and compromise of people Who Know We’re Right. Really Right. Far Far Right!