Relocation expenses: Who pays?

Scenario: Your company moves, thus increasing your commute from one hour each way to two or more hours. Do you move? What if you are in a lease? Who pays for the incurred costs of breaking the lease?

I think the real story here is that company is trying to lay the employees off without actually offering severance . . .

Ask your HR dept.

An interesting thought, but no, just expanding.

I know what this company does, but what does yours offer?

My company pays huge relocation packages, including home purchase loans on great terms, paying for an executive relocation firm to locate the kind of places you want and drive you to appointments to see them, etc.

If a job moves after a site closes down or something and the new commute would be over a certain distance (150 miles IIRC), you’re generally offered the choice of the job or a severance package. That’s ad hoc, though.

At the three companies I’ve been at, it depends on your title. If you have “Chief” or “President” anywhere in your title, you can bet the company will splurge for relocation costs. Director? I’d give it a 50/50 chance. Anything under that… unless you’re a super star, probably not.

I chose I would not move. I already commute by rail to NYC, so an additional 45 minutes each way wouldn’t kill me. However, if they DID offer to pay, I’d likely take them up on it.

Here, if they put you to work somewhere else, they pay. (All sorts of options, from relocation expenses to paying for your plane ticket to fly out and back every week.) If you want to transfer to a new place, you pay.

The last company I worked for wouldn’t pay for shit, I know it for a fact. They’d tell you to suck it up or GTFO. Their maximum relocation package for a new employee was only $1200, and that’s intended to cover your moving expenses, plane tickets, everything. Appalling.

All the others I’ve worked for are more generous. They’ll cover expenses up to a much higher point, including new apartment lease costs (and first month’s rent), broken lease costs, moving expenses, plane tickets, etc. Whatever it takes so you don’t have to suffer just to go work for them.

That’s really nice. Do you work at a university or something?

I work for a pretty big IT company.

Only 45 min into NYC? I’m an hour 20 min if I hit everything right.

Isn’t the answer that it depends on the company? Some will offer relocation packages, that may still not cover your expense of moving, and others won’t.

I think he’s doing a survey to see if his HR is screwing him.

Which makes little sense, as this is a form of compensation that can vary like any other.

Might as well do a survey of salaries, irregardless of the type of job, and then conclude that you’re being screwed if your current salary is less than the average.

It’s an interesting topic, but I don’t understand the poll part of it.

Agreed. And, the more valuable you are to the company, the better you can negotiate terms if an event (such as having to relocate) forces you to have a new dialog with your employer regarding your compensation, i.e. - being compensated for moving expenses and a higher cost of living.

When my office moved from Paris to Dublin. the company retained an international removals company to move everything for us, paid for a month in a hotel for each employee and an agency to scout apartments and arrange viewings. Existing leases were paid off directly and a lump sum was given to everyone to cover new security deposits, temporarily increased cost of living due to being in a hotel and for the general inconvenience. Finally partners of employees were hooked up with agencies to help them find jobs and assist with cultural assimilation, learning English and so on. All of those fees were borne by the company

My place of employment has an in-house relocation team because it happens A LOT to people, although thankfully not in my particular position. Expenses are paid and arrangments made, but then again the HQ is not going anywhere so that’s an entirely different ball of wax.

Exactly. It still comes back to “it depends.”

Yeah, but Madison is a Socialist utopia, isn’t it?