Remapping URL subdirectory

I’ve tweaked the directory structure on my web site.

Specifically, I moved a lot of stuff one level deeper, from[blah blah]
to[blah blah]

I updated all my internal links, but some of the affected pages were linked to from outside sources. It’s ok to remap the entire directory in question - everything that was within the /modules directory got moved. Other than contacting those sources and asking them to update their links, is there an easy way to remap a whole directory like above?

Your webhost might have a frontend for mod_rewrite, an apache module that rewrites urls (i.e. you can make a rule so that /modules/ maps to /xoops/modules/. Mod_rewrite by hand is irritating, though.

Thanks - that more or less got me on the right track. I had to add about 10 redirect statements to cPanel to get things to work, but that redirected all ~150 pages I cared about (the 10 statements were variant URL forms, basically).