Remember DOS boot disks? That's how serious Microsoft is about PC gaming.

Microsoft may be adding a feature to Windows that minimizes other application needs to improve game performance. As reported by Windows Central, the “Game Mode” seen in test builds of Windows 10 lets the operating system prioritize a videogame over other running software and diverts resources as needed. Analysis suggests the mode works similarly to how the Xbox One handles the protocols for games versus other applications. How much of an improvement users can expect is unknown, or if the Game Mode feature will be available to games outside of those from the Windows Store.

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Wow that is truly bizarre. I would need to see serious benchmarks on this and if is more than 10 percent faster – at best – I will eat my hat.

Probably more important on the wildly underpowered Atom class x86 cores in the consoles.

Here’s a leaked screenshot of the system in action:

I think you’re probably right, and that it won’t make much of a difference.

I heard it just crashes out all your Chrome tabs to free up 5GB of RAM.

Guessing folks will set everything to high priority, like Tom Cruise cranking up all the knobs on his dad’s stereo in Risky Business.

My favorite game from the DOS era was QEMM. Squeezing out all the high mem I could!

That would do it! :)

604 kb conventional memory, buffers and files at 35, to run Falcon 3.0. Heck, I had 621 free without a memory manager. :)

This is so ridiculous and there seems to be so many jokes to be made, I can’t even think of one!

I’ll take anything that gives me even a few percentage points of performance. Every little bit I get means a few extra AI enemies in many of my games like ARMA 3.

This will fail badly.

The article and comments have blasted me directly back to 1993. (QEMM – nice.)

I would LIKE this post so hard.

I will be flabbergasted if this turns out to be in anyway relevant these days, particularly for enthusiast gamers with even half decent rigs. Even if it does, I predict the stability cost of MS shutting down and restarting system processes en-masse and associated lock-ups and crashes to completely out-weigh any benefit anyway.

Hey, who knows, if shutdowns partially Windows itself (parts not needed while having a full screen game) it could be a nice boost.

I wonder how ‘game mode’ will affect voice comms or recording/streaming software.

Actually, it just occurred to me that MS will roll this out as un-opt-outable ‘smart’ software that will just detect when games are running and activate regardless of whether the user wants it to - and break the entirety of PC game streaming/recording/youtube/twitch by disabling all those pesky backgound programs in the process!

Why would you use another program while playing video games??