Remember MJ's moonwalker game?

Anyone remember playing this game back in the day?


Of course ;) Surprisingly good heh

Wasn’t the goal of that game to “touch children to free them?”

All I remember having to knee hookers in the groin to pass.

Thanks for the lesson well learned MJ!

Anyone play the original arcade version? It’s an isometric three-player game–three Michaels. Furthermore, a monkey would turn you into a robot.

Yeah, they had it at a pizza parlor my family frequented (also played Time Killers there). You hit the moonwalk button and execute a dancing attack that killed everything on screen.

And don’t forget the hopping robots (or piloted walkers, actually, sinister little bald men were driving them) with the eight foot steel penises that jabbed forward and tried to knock you down. Jab! Jab!

No word of a lie…

I play that game every year at California Extreme. Great game.