Remember playing mechwarrior

not any of the new ones, mechwarrior 2 or 3 or whatever but the original mechwarrior and you start out with a locust because it’s about all you can afford and the locust just has a tiny gun and those long little legs but then you realize you can outrun everyone, even missiles, and so you just run around behind the big sons of bitches and shoot their kneecaps off, and it works so well that as you advance in fame and fortune you buy all the big robots for your henches but you just stay in that locust runnin’ and runnin’ and nobody can catch you and you’re blowing up kneecaps right and left, and even at the end when you can afford the big mongo mechy and you just give four of them to your henches and you STAY IN THE LOCUST because it’s fast and outruns everyone and you go against the big-time badasses in their big-time badass robots, but those robots are slow and they have knees, well, they don’t have knees for very long because you run up in your fast little locust and blow 'em off and they fall and go boom and you win and the girls want to fuck you and go for a ride in your tiny weak-ass but fast as hell little locust

speed kills

I don’t know why, but I read this, and was reminded of Kanye West.

“George Bush hates giant robots.”

In Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries I won the championship of Solaris several times in a Flea outfitted with Clan Pulse Lasers. Weak firepower, wimpy hitpoints and tending to overheat like an SOB, but it was absolutely great fun to zip around the gargantuans and zap their legs. In MW4 you have to take off both legs for a kill which made it a lot of work but still satisfying. After you blast one leg off they lumber about slowly with weak turning and even weaker acceleration. That’s when you move in for the kill.

There’s nothing like a Flea :0.

I think it was in Ghost Bear’s Legacy where you could take a light Mech (<40 tons), and equip it with nothing but Inferno missiles, and after two volleys cause any other mech to explode from the overheat. About the only time that didn’t work in that game was in zero-atmosphere battlefields, because the mechs would cool down quickly, or something like that.

I don’t know what Mechwarrior you played, but in my game you started out with a Jenner, not a Locust.

It was a Jenner.

The Locust was one of those “OMG WE GOT TEH SUE FROM JAPAN!!” lost designs. Like the Pheonix Hawk, the first Marauder, etc.

Myself, I dug loading as many heat sinks and med. lasers as I could on a Nova in Mech2 Mercs.

Love those mech games ;)

Yeah, but since the Locust is cheaper than a Jenner, you just sell off the Jenner and buy the Locust right from the get-go. From that point on, you’re pretty much invincible. :)

Haha, that was my strategy too.

I was a PPC guy, just loved the visual effect.

Dude, the visual effect was a couple of circles. And they weren’t even circles; they were regular polygons with lots of sides… :D

A square with enough sides is sorta a circle.

I missed the Griffon. In multiplayer battletech, I was a mean sumbitch in one of those 55 tonners.

I’m not sure if any of the Mechwarriors had Locusts, but Battletech: The Crescent Hawk’s Inception did, as well as a Phoenix Hawk. I used to love the Locusts in that game. During a substantial portion of it you don’t have enough mechs to go around, so some of your guys run around on foot and take down mechs with rocket launchers and lasers. I tried playing it recently, and it plays on Windows XP, but I can’t get past the timed test in the base, perhaps because the higher clock speed of a modern processor is throwing it off.

edit: looks like Mechwarrior 1 had Locusts. I don’t think I had a powerful enough computer to run MW1 when it came out, so I missed this game when it came out

The first Mechwarrior, the one Dynamix made, had the Locust.

Underdogs Page, which has a copy of the manual which lists all of the mechs available on pages 36-40, including both the Locust and Phoenix Hawk.

Heh, that was a fun game. You could escape out the back of the arena in the Commando when the attack happened, which gave you a 25t Mech off the bat.

Did it have the Locust?!

Are you guys talking about the ORIGINAL Mechwarrior? That game had not only the Locust, but also several of the OMG U R TEH SUED!1!1 mechs, including the wicked-cool Warhammer:

But don’t take MY word for it, relive the magic for yourselves!

Dude, the visual effect was a couple of circles. And they weren’t even circles; they were regular polygons with lots of sides… :D[/quote]

Sounds like he was talking about MW3. Both the Gauss and thePPC had similar neato FX.

EDIT: In case any of you would like to pilot the “lost” mechs (including the previously mentioned Warhammer) in MW4, go to Mektek and download their mech paks. They’ve done an amazing amount of work bringing in new mechs to the game as well as new maps, single player missions, etc.

Dude, Rimbo, I remember doing exactly that. It was great.

Not Mechwarrior, but I remember playing the Crescent Hawks Inception. In that game, you could salvage mechs that you blew up in battle. The only mechs they had were Wasps, Stingers, and Locusts, so I was extremely suprised when I managed to salvage a “Wocust”.

I thought Crescent Hawks Revenge was great, and can still hum the theme song.

You mean…

…there is a sequel?

Not to get too nuts here, but did anyone else play the Mechwarrior game on GEnie?

I only did it a few times, as the hourly rate was crazy expensive, but it was pretty fun.

It definitely had more than just those 3! There was at least Jenners, Commandos and UrbanMechs. (on C64 anyway)

Plus the Chameleon - which was like 55 tons and dwarfed all the other light mechs in the game. But you were only supposed to have that in training, unless you managed to sneak it out the back door during the attack! :-)

Cant remember the theme tune, but yeah that game was damn fun.