Remember when Scott Walker was going to lead Wisconsin in job growth?

Good post. Homework time. Take a look at how Germany handles union negotiations across industries and tell me if you think that is a good thing or a bad thing, and if it would work in the United States.

Tell that to the pile of skulls industry.

Ah, that’s a balanced approach I can agree with. Your earlier posts were too binary in their assumptions. I’ve worked as non-union in a union shop (UPS) and have seen the abuses, but then I’ve worked in non-union chaos as well and know many people employed by Toyota at the big plant in Georgetown. Balance is the key, absolutely.

I never stated, that even in principle, what Walker is doing is uniformly good for everyone involved. In all cases of Union Busting it obviously harms someone, the only question is if net effect is positive or negative.

I expected it to be a net positive in WI and sounded my surprise when faced with evidence to contrary.

If low union participation rates, low tax tax rates, and a high amount of catering to the wishes of the local moneybags constituted a magic recipe for sustained economic growth, then Mississippi would have been a economic dynamo for the last 150 years.

Except that Mississippi has other issues, which make it hard to use to assess such things. It lacks a good infrastructure, is dangerously low in education outcomes, and has a systemic financial problem. Plus, I’m not sure it has good industry to help it get out of such a mess. I’m sure that much of that was/is the result of traditional policies that favored an elite ruling class, but I’m also not sure that any amount of good-willed politics could get them out of it any time soon.

All rooted in low gov’t spending/low taxes, supporting evidence to HumanTon’s point.

This was his/her point.

Edit: Just call me the explainer. I don’t know why I bothered posting this. Oh well, carry on.

I probably would’ve just gone with a <thatsthejoke.gif>

ineffablebob and arrendek - excellent posts.

Flowers - Walker is a puppet of the Koch Brothers basically doing whatever they ask. When Walker is done, he’s expecting to be compensated nicely for his subservience. Why didn’t you bring this up?

Obviously Flowers is also bought and paid for by the Koch brothers.

To be fair, these days who isn’t?

The folks who aren’t rich.

I’m convinced Things aren’t going to change until the ultra-rich know fear in some form or fashion. I mean, we didn’t get the Progressive Era and all its good changes without the fear of Communism. Teddy Roosevelt wasn’t a fan of the poor, but he was scared of Communism (and if he hadn’t done those reforms, we would have had a genuine revolt somewhere)

I do think we’re about 10-30 years from a ballot box revolt at the current pace (we’re going to need a rise in radical leftists first, but that’s coming)

As for states like WIsconsin and NC, when the Walkers/McCrory’s of the world lose there, the other side is going to implement a lock-step agenda in kind, one that might be nastier to business than what it was before. That raw anger isn’t going to be mollified by just winning.