Remnant: From the Ashes (Souls Shooter)

This was announced I think at the PC game show, but it’s coming for PS4 and Xbox as well. Looks very cool IMO. Takes some Dark Souls mechanics, along with world randomization. Looks like most enemy ranged attacks are not hitscan, so makes heavy use of dodging. Dodge roll also affected by weight of armor just like the Souls games. Loot is specific to bosses or world events. 3 player drop in co-op, completely playable solo offline. Also like the quote from the dev in one of the videos below about how they don’t care if you hack your game to get all the loot. Due out this August.


Dev interview

Long playthrough explaining mechanics and classes

Now you have my attention.

This looks like an updated version of The Secret World, specifically the dungeons. Between that and the addition of offline mode, I am very interested.

This is out this weekend for pre-orders. Anyone besides me jumping in?

I have it pre-ordered but I’m away from home this weekend :(

Also on PS4 though where they seem to be having some kind of store issue.

Game looks really good from the videos they’ve been putting up.

I’m on PC, but my friend is buying it on PS4 and mentioned that issue. He said later in the day that THQ Nordic bought the developer, so maybe it was in relation to that? Perhaps they’re publishing now instead of Perfect World?

I’m watching this one very closely. Looming forward to reviews.

As one does with Lovecraftian games.

Myself and some friends are doing this tonight on xbox. Should be streaming it

Not sure how anybody thinking being exclusive on a third-tier platform would be good for sales.

What do you mean, exclusive to third-tier platform? It’s on Steam, Xbox, PS4, etc.

Is this a “Midnight on August 16th” thing, or what time does it come out? I didn’t think they were opening up early access until tomorrow!

I thought this game came out in 2015 on Arc, Perfect World’s platform?

No, it comes out next week. This weekend, for pre-orders.

Ah, my mistake. I am thinking of something else with an equally generic name.

Seriously. I can never remember the name of this game, I keep thinking “it’s Ashes… something”. Then I sift through the 397 games that start with Ashes, only to finally find Remnant: From the Ashes. Not to be confused with The Last Remnant, of course.

Game looks like it could be really, really, cool though. I’m looking forward to it.

I could have sworn there was a Trion or Perfect Worlds B2P zombie post apoc scifi shooter like Defiance released in the last few years that landed with a thud and without much fanfare. I could be thinking of Remnant while it was in paid Early Access on Arc? (shrug)

Tom mentioned yesterday that he might stream this on Friday night. So lets hope!

Midnight tonight