Remnants of the Precursors - Beta release is now available

You don’t unzip the file. The file you downloaded is the “Remnants.jar” file.

What is probably happening is that you have *.jar file types associated with an unzip program instead of Java.

Yep, that’s probably it, hmm, now I have to figure out how to un-do that.

Tried changing what it was pointed to but when I search for java in the directory it installed to nothing shows up.

I made this a bit harder than it needed to be. More coffee needed.

edit: associated what should open it with java but still doesn’t open.

If you are on Windows, you can right-click the Remnant.jar file and select “Properties”.

Then on the “Open With” press the “Change” button. If Java isn’t in the list, go to the bottom and select “Look for Another App on this PC”. Searching for “Java” shoud take you to the Java directory. In the Java “bin” directory, you should find the “Java” executable.

edit: associated what should open it with java but still doesn’t open

hmm, ok. Open up a cmd tool and cd to the directory with the Remnants.jar file. Run the following command: “java -jar Remnants.jar”

bravo, that last bit worked

amusing to go to cmd to do something to run a game, reminds me of running a bbs

You shouldn’t have to do that. If the cmd worked then that means java is installed properly on your PC. So the question is what is missing that’s preventing the double-click from starting the game?

When it comes to allocating spending what does the classification reserve mean?

I colonized a barren planet and I’m at zero industry and want to get that going but when I move the bar on this category no matter what I put it at the category just says reserve rather than give you a year number for completion.

Industry spending builds factories, which increase overall industrial output. There is a limit to how many factories you can build, however, and any industry spending beyond that limit will go to your empire’s reserve fund (basically the treasury).

How many factories do you already have on that planet?

Well, first off thanks for getting back to me, I realize this is just going to be a parade of dumb by me. Didn’t play MOO when it came out, no idea why, and I’m just at the beginning of Ben from explorminate going thru the game in a tutorial series from about a year ago.

Anyway, the thing I was wondering about is why a planet with zero industry immediately says reserve instead of building industry? I mean unless that’s not what this is telling me:

You already have 60 factories which is max for this planet early game (2 per max pop) for most races. Anything you put in industry over max goes into reserve. There are techs that raise this.

Thanks! Told you it was dumb. I guess maybe I expected something like 60/60 to be listed, like the way pop is showing 28/30. Guess I’ll soon see if that changes to just 30 when it’s maxed.

It does show x/60 until it gets to the max. You’ll see population and bases do the same thing.

I hope that you are enjoying the game!

edit: Also note that your total production on that planet is 79 BC (76 after taxes). That amount is what controls how fast things are constructed in that system.

To increase it, you’ll need to acquire technologies that allow you to build more factories per population, or technologies that allow you to put more population on the planet… Preferably both!

Yes! This is fantastic. Put it on steam so I can buy it! I feel bad playing this for free.

I prefer to avoid digital distribution. Once the game is finished and Tom has finished the game manual, there’s a good chance we’ll try to do some sort of physical boxed set. If you are still enjoying the game at that point, then maybe you’ll find that an attractive option.

Fair enough, I’ll keep enjoying it and stay tuned for news of final release and a way to buy it!

A box would be so old school. I’ve got fond memories of going to the store and perusing what was available back in the days of 5 1/4 floppies.

Not going quite that old school! But a box with a manual, a tech wall poster and maybe another goodie or two, plus a USB with the game should be cool

Can I get this directly into my veins?

So Ray now has his box quote.

I’m not sure what this means :|

Just joking with CF since he appears to really want this box, and his description made me think of review quotes from movies only used on a game box instead.

ROTP: “so good you’ll want it delivered directly in your vein”

Btw, from a diplomacy stand point can you generally rely on a race to abide by their description? So if you share a border and they’re pacifists if you sign a non-aggression they won’t just use the peace to build an army and come at you any way, or will they? I’ve played more than a few 4x’s where the AI races are schizoid like that and you have to plan accordingly.

That is correct. The thing to watch out for are wars of opportunity, wherein an AI empire sees you as weak (maybe because you are not building ships) and may declare war on you.

Pacifist leaders are the only ones who will never do this. In ROTP, those words describing the leaders have meaning that you can rely on.

For example, Ruthless leaders don’t care if you break treaties or even drop bioweapons. Hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Honorables will never forget an oathbreak, and pacifists will never forget a genocide, whereas aggressives view genocide as just an inevitable consequence of being in their way. Coming in 2.15 this week, Xenophobes will become completely intolerant of spies, even if they are hiding.