Remnants of the Precursors - Now in Pre-Release state

Cool, downloading now to continue with my current campaign!

Looking for translators:

Am i reading this right in that you want translators for Russian and Spanish?

My partner can do both for you, and is also a gamer.

No, we have Russian and Spanish already.

Do you need Canadian?

nope. I’ve got a toggle that already adds “, eh?” to the end of all alien dialogue.

Hey! Don’t underestimate the effort it takes to add “u” to “saviour” and “labour.”

fixed that for you


Anyway, it’s good you are doing this.


So a listserv?

No. It’s just a mailing list on my Thunderbird client.

If people want to set up an ROTP listserv, that would be cool. But this mailing list is intended to be low-impact for subscribers. I can only think of 4 emails that you will receive over the next two years.

  • Confirmation of your request to join

  • ROTP 1.0 release notice

  • Crowdfunding campaign for the boxed set

  • Crowdfunding campaign for the sourcebook

For privacy reasons, I don’t want to rely on 3rd-party applications to maintain the list.

This AI is an absolute bitch, even on normal. I can win routinely on the base AI and on modnar’s AI, but the unmitigated aggression of Xilimi’s AI is something else. Two thumbs up although it’s sad to hear he ignores personality.

Definitely try Xilimi’s AI from the base game for a challenge. @easytarget you’ll probably even want to keep monsters on, to slow the leaders a little.

Yeah, not sure I’m up for that AI. I enjoy the challenge presented by the base AI with personalities just fine.

But it did make me chuckle the idea of recommending monsters on in order to help handle the AI races because my assumption is I’d now just have 2 monsters and the AIs coming at me together. The monsters ate my empire and by extension campaign not once but twice, at which point I turned them off and left them off. ;)

Would make for short games though, I’ll give you that!

This same sort of game ending events are in SotS too, makes me wonder what game devs were thinking back then when they came up with these.

Some of my favourite memories from comes from desperately researching and fielding an appropriate counter fleet to one of those monstrosities, and hopefully coming out ahead - or less behind - than everyone else after the great apocalypse.

That event with the locusts that devoured the galaxy and spread from planet to planet was especially “exciting”.

If they come up at a point where there’s even a desperate hope of combating them I agree it can definitely add some excitement and I get the idea.

My encounters thus far with the space monsters in ROTP have been at a point where my technology was not up to the task of taking them on whatsoever, so the only hope was basically just RNG as to whether they stuck around and ate my empire or wandered off and ate someone else’s.

So could be I’m just quibbling about timing.

I turned monsters off in SOTS, mainly because I could handle them better than the AI.

At least it sounds like I made the right choice on that setting! But I blew the alliances button, had that turned off, didn’t realize it entirely disabled diplomacy, haha.

In some future campaign I’ll turn on random encounters just to see first hand what all shows up. If it wrecks stuff it’ll just be fun to witness the carnage.

We have a Greek translation! One down, 21 more to go!

Cool, are there any other changes in this one?

edit: read the link, bug fixes too, so answered my own question, ha!